The Other Super Bowl Rivalry: Battle of the Site Building Platforms, Squarespace Vs. Wix Vs. GoDaddy

Jeff Bridges’s Squarespace commercial.

The Super Bowl is famous for airing some of the most original, most memorable, and most expensive ads every year, and 2015 was no different. Of all the incredible advertisements that stood out last night, there were three that were shown that prove that we may be entering a new golden age of website creation, and with it, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Site building platforms Squarespace and Wix both coughed up the millions ($4.5 million per 30 seconds, to be exact) to build awareness of their brands, something the former needs in particular. While Squarespace has appeared in between plays before, they decided to do so again so as not to lose out on much-coveted attention.

 Older competitor GoDaddy has been here before as well, and this time they almost screwed it up.

Like many companies, GoDaddy released their ad online before the big game, and it’s a good thing they did, as it didn’t go over so well with consumers and advocacy groups.

The spot makes a joke out of Anheuser Busch’s lovable puppy campaign, which was likely the first mistake, as that ad consistently ranks as one of the most-loved. In GoDaddy’s take, the puppy goes on a treacherous journey to make it home, only to find out that his owner has sold him via her company’s website, which she registered with GoDaddy.

It may seem funny, but dog adoption groups and plenty of puppy lovers across the country let the company know they were not thrilled. Instead, the domain provider was able to churn out another, significantly less funny 30 second spot. 

Domain registration and website creation are not industries that typically shell out massive amounts of money to advertise, as the number of people who needed such services were limited in the past. We can be sure that if not one, not two, but three companies were willing to go out of their way to promote themselves on the world’s largest stage, they did so because they know the marketplace.

No company goes into this blind, so it’s a surefire bet that we’re going to be seeing a lot more self-made websites soon.

This is good news, as most new sites are started by those with dreams they’re going to try to make come true themselves. Many people who will check these platforms out will do so with the idea of starting a blog, or perhaps creating a company of their own, scratching the entrepreneurial itch we all feel from time to time.

Many people start businesses when the economy is down, and they have the time to do so. With quality websites finally being within reach for everyone, we may start to see a whole new side of the internet.





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