‘Gotham,’ Episode 6: Come on ‘Gotham’, Let’s Stop Being Silly and Get Crazier

On the latest episode of Gotham, we see a more serious side of Detective Harvey…or shall I say Detective Harvey gets more closeups, Mr. DeMille? As you Gotham viewers know, we don’t get too much insight into Detective Harvey’s world. This episode however, gives us a look into Harvey’s history on the job ten years ago—and it’s not exactly what I’d call entertaining.


Still, it gives us a better look as to what Harvey, who’s definitely older and more experienced than Detective Gordon, has gone through. Previously, I had labeled Detective Harvey as an “alcoholic” because he totally drinks on the job and spews things out like, “What’s altruism!?” but there’s something more going o there—we just don’t know because we haven’t seen it. After all, he’s been in this business for quite some time. We loved how Harvey said, “Holy ghost on a bicycle!” on this episode. Like, what does that even mean?


Writer Ben Edlund most have had a few tricks up his sleeve for this episode, as he not only helped us explore Harvey, but foreshadowed potential character developments with Barbara and Gordon as well.

The sixth episode featured a villain, known as the Spirit of the Goat, or Goatman, who found it most convenient to kill at an altar. However, he’s really not that scary to be quite honest, and something just feels comical about him. At first he dresses his victims up (why?) and then he kills them.

It’s certainly not as riveting as that crazy second episode where all the children were boarding a killer bus and that crazy woman was threatening to shoot. We need more of that, Gotham! If Gotham is indeed falling apart after the Waynes’ death, we need more havoc, corruption, and greed! The show is bound to intensify but this is the sixth episode so let’s up the ante, okay?


Also, Penguin, my favorite character, reunited with Mommy Dearest Carol Kane! We love this creepy relationship! Mommy was just so concerned that he had run away with another woman. She’s the second best mommy figure on the show apart from Mooney! Duh!

There was also some reconciling between Gordon and Barbara as Detective Gordon tells his sweetheart that from now on he’ll be entirely honest. Well, sort-of….I have a sneaky feeling that bouts of jealousy are destined to burst later on in regards to the Montoya-Gordon-Barbara love triangle. I hope the writers have this in store… That would be quite juicy.

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