Fashion Files: Hannah Horvath of ‘Girls’

It’s been more than a whole month since we last saw our favorite ragtag foursome on primetime, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop with the Girls-related posts. If anything, they must be kept alive as an act of remembrance. And, after all, wearing floral hipster dresses and blue paisley-jumpsuits topped with a “vintage” looking brown bowler hat MUST have been the recipe for Emmy success, right? So each day this week, we’ll dissect Girls style in a way that I’m sure the characters themselves would deride as shallow (but also secrely love). Today we start with Hannah Horvath. 

Oh Hannah, why so blue? Here, Miz Horvath shows us how hard she’s working the “but-I’m-a-helpless-college-grad-with-nowhere-to-go-and-I-need-money-so-I-don’t-have-to-live-off-Pringles-and-ramen-for-the-rest-of-my-life” look. And what a lovely job she does! Nothing says poor broke student like a cathartic look coupled with a silky patterned blue and black dress. And the requisite gold necklace. Don’t worry Hannah, I hear Greenpoint is, like, the hippest place to be broke right now!



Tomatoes and hairy, furry caterpillars, oh my! Hannah gets a lesson in perfecting the art of looking like a modern-day Frida Kahlo in this garden-friendly getup. Nothing says “sexually assault and pepper my salad” like the look of fresh, tri-color tomates (français, s’il vous plaît) coupled with a peekaboo cami and denim button-down. No wonder she got fired—I mean, quit! 



Eager to give kinda-sorta bf Adam a new flave of the week, Hannah tries her hand at the punk-rock-grunge look and fails… miserably. Drop-down Fred Flare scissor earrings? Ironic pearl choker? Badly teased hair? I think I even prefer the Chola look to this one. 



Right before being politely addressed by a homeless dude, Hannah strikes a pose in her Salvation Army-esque duds: thin, marled scarf that doubles as a noose, ditzy floral button down (no doubt paired with a flared skirt), and practical more-polyester-than-wool overcoat. Looking sharp, Han, looking sharp.



It’s easy to look 100%-not-just-been-robbed-on-the-MTA: at least, it is for Hannah. Pairing a chiffon orange marigold shift frock with a grass-green waist-cinching belt, our favorite ragamuffin still manages to smile and pledge allegiance to the flag after being purse-jacked. Wait a minute… isn’t your heart supposed to be on the left side? Either this photo’s been mirrored or HanHan has a totally different anatomy than that of the common homo sapien. It’s probably the latter.


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