The Women of New York – Belstaff and BlackBook

Josephine Meckseper comes from a family of artists, and she’s always known she was fated to continue on a creative path. Before moving to Los Angeles at a young age, Josephine group up in Germany, attending political demonstrations and rebelling against the status quo — a nature that affects her art. She has long been fascinated by the voice of the people, and our interaction with consumerism. “You should never live in fear,” she wisely offers. Josephine’s life has been one of confident decisions.

In this film–one in an ongoing series of mini-docs created in partnership with Belstaff–Josephine describes the confidence and rebellion that have informed her life.

Julia Chaplin, a journalist, author, editor, and designer, is best known as the creator of and its companion book and resort clothing collection, inspiring an aspirational gypset lifestyle. Julia’s family has always been constantly on the move, their life philosophy informing her to this day. She always say ‘yes’, and she’s totally unafraid of taking a risk. Such boldness is cultivated over a lifetime.

In this film–one in an ongoing series of mini-docs created in partnership with Belstaff–Julia discusses the rebellion that inspires the travel and adventure that make up such a great part of her life.

Actor Annabelle Dexter-Jones has always been driven to make her own name for herself, standing out among her creative and talented family. Her rebellion was essential in establishing her own identity. She’s careful to point out that to her, rebellion isn’t about danger, but rather a curious state of mind. “Comfort is death,” she says definitively, and it’s clear that she lives by these words as she brushes aside moments of self-doubt and pursues her career on the screen.

In this film–one in an ongoing series of mini-docs created in partnership with Belstaff–Annabelle discusses the rebellion that drives her spirit of adventure and creativity.

Rachelle Hruska MacPherson moved to New York without knowing a soul in town, without a job, and even without a place to live–a gutsy move for anyone but particularly for a Midwestern girl from Nebraska. But it didn’t take her long to find her footing. Shortly after arrival, she then started the now famous site Motivated by an enthusiasm for the city and its people, she built the blog into the wildly influential chronicle of scene and social life that is today.

In this film–the first in an ongoing series of mini-docs created in partnership with Belstaff–Rachelle discusses the spirit of rebellion that drove her to roll the dice and ultimately achieve the kind of success that only comes to the bold.

These are the “Women of New York.”

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