Idris Elba’s Superdry Fashion Line Launches in US

Idris Elba is a true Renaissance man: the second season of his design collection with British brand Superdry launched in the US last week, and his latest blockbuster, Star Trek Beyond, is out on Friday. He also found time to pick up an Emmy nom last week for his role in Luther, and continues to maintain a tight-lipped silence on rumors that he might be the next James Bond.

Superdry opened it’s first American retail location last week at their new flagship store at Herald Square in New York. Elba, now in his second season with the brand, was asked to collaborate after being spotted shopping at a London location.


In a matter of weeks, he “was designing the range; he was in the office; he was causing chaos because all the women in the office wanted to come to the design studio,” according to an interview with Superdry CEO Euan Sutherland in Forbes

Elba never went to design school, but his grasp for what makes men look good is undeniable. A champion of effortless refinement, the actor told Women’s Wear Daily his collection is “so simple and easy. You wear it from your work, then to dinner and to drinks afterward and you still look good and feel cool.”


Favorite pieces in the collection include the pricey (and pricey-looking) leather racer jacket, clocking in at $589.50, and a leather moto, which Elba described to WWD as reminiscent of “the Fonzie jacket. It’s based on Indiana Jones, though; it’s that old action movie vibe. It’s super tailored, really cool and just looks good.”

The jacket isn’t the only really good-looking thing around with an old action movie vibe, Idris.

Check out the full collection here.

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