Your New Favorite BKNY Restaurant: Sunday in Brooklyn

For all the enthusiastic global copycatting of the so-called Brooklyn restaurant aesthetic, its clichés (farmy pretentions, obscurantist ingredients, tattooed chefs) have actually become awfully predictable and tired.

But we’re officially in love with the invitingly named new Sunday in Brooklyn – which, by bringing a refreshingly unpretentious vibe and responsibly sourced food to a formerly lonely stretch of Wythe Avenue, actually lives up to its name every day of the week. Pedigreed partners Adam Landsman and Todd Enany – previously Chief Operating Officer and Director of Operations, respectively, of Major Food Group (Santina, Dirty French, Sadelle’s, Carbone and Parm) and Chef Jaime Young (formerly of the two-Michelin-starred Atera) offer up a progressive American menu – and marketplace – with sustainability as a mission more than a marketing ploy.


“We are actively seeking to find and source better product,” Enany emphasizes. “We do our best to get our fish from sustainable sources, as well as utilize as much local produce as possible. It not only creates less of an impact on our environment, but it also supports our local producers.”

Tasty offerings like the wood fired “whole fish for two” (changing daily and prepared with smoked mussel butter), sea trout with clam dashi, and Boston mackerel with sunchokes are a delectable testament to Sunday’s investment in native seafood.

With seasonal cooking as its core concept, Chef Young actually anticipates “what’s to come,” rather than merely glomming on to extant and worn out trends. “It’s as exciting as it is challenging,“ he enthuses, “creating the right relationships with like-minded people to find what’s available and most delicious.” Each season gives him something to look forward to, for instance “tender young shoots and leafy plants in spring.”

Some other menu standouts include an exceptionally delish appetizer of black cod pastrami with rye sour cream and garden pickles, a tidy loaf of buckwheat sourdough bread served warm with yummy beer butter, and the most succulent roasted chicken we’ve ever tasted, fresh from their wood-burning oven. Note: there’s even a secret vegan menu available upon request.


Inside, the large yet cozy, refreshingly not old-timey space boasts striking original timber ceilings, lots of rustic charm, a coffee counter and a take-out market where you can stock up on hot sauce, jams, and pickled vegetables. And Landsman let us know that this month Sunday is opening the upstairs dining room during the day as a community co-working space.

“We want to be a place that feels comfortable and conducive to creativity, but where of course you can also eat something delicious and hearty.”

The bar is open late, and there’s a Magnum Happy Hour weekdays from 6pm – 7:30pm. A roof deck garden will open in spring.

And what of the name? Just three best friends making the everyday – not just Sundays – about “serving those specialties surrounded by those we love.”






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