You Can Rent Virgin Limited Edition’s ‘The Lodge’ in Switzerland For £126,675

We’ll readily admit that it may not be the most considerate thing to do, recommending vacation spots that none of us can actually travel to right now. But there’s something about just looking at all those pretty pictures that does sort of make us feel a bit better about everything, as we re-hunker down in our respective second-wave quarantine locations.

And wouldn’t you know, word that Virgin Limited Edition’s ‘The Lodge’ would be available to rent as of December got us dreaming of fabulous European ski trips we truly hope that we can take again sometime very soon. (Don’t worry, you’re invited too.)

The unabashedly luxurious mountain chalet is located in the glamorous Swiss ski town of Verbier, which is ever a magnet for the famous and the frivolous. Indeed, on any given swish down the slopes, one might knock boots with Leo DiCaprio, Prince William and Kate Middleton (perhaps with Pippa in tow), Posh and Becks, and even that lovable, crusading chef Jamie Oliver. The sprawling property has all the charm that Alpine tradition demands, without ever stylistically veering into yodel-riffic kitsch.

Rather, public spaces are of the cool, rustic-mod variety, with lots of warm woods, elegantly beamed ceilings, and furnishings in dignified, subdued color schemes (read: lots of stately shades of brown, with flashes of autumny orange). Plan to have a group snuggle by the very contemporary looking fireplace, while oohing and aahing at the snowy vistas just beyond.

It’s priced just the way one might expect, at £126,675 for the week (about $168k U.S.)—but it sleeps 18, so if you divide it up, it really just comes to $1333/night per person…not at all unreasonable if you happen to be someone who can comfortably shell out nine grand for a poshie week on the piste (perhaps you just got that Senior VP promotion?). Indeed, spread over four floors, there are nine en-suite bedrooms, and seven suites—so it’s great for families that don’t dread spending time together, for small touring orchestras, or perhaps an elite think tank summit, one where all-day hot toddies would hopefully help to stimulate the necessary world-shaping thinking.

Comestibles and imbibables (surely of the fancy-nancy variety), as well as handsomely designed spaces to eat and drink, are all included in the price. And for those who aren’t exactly champions on the powder, there’s the Party Room, with a pool table, a gaming console, and a 50″ plasma screen to fritter the day away in comfort (we highly recommend a screening of Charade, with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn so fashionably glamming it up in the Swiss Alps). There’s also a bar naturally, with a not insignificant selection of wines, plus a spa, indoor pool and outdoor jacuzzi, and a crackerjack staff to see that it all goes off in six-figure style.

Granted, we are still very much mired in the worry and uncertainty of this terrible pandemic—and the lifting of travel restrictions as of yet cannot be accurately predicted; but a week of swish skiing in Alpine Europa is at least something to enthusiastically look forward. So, you know, start saving your pennies now.



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