Spring Detox: Nine Revivifying Tips From Happy Being & New London Light

Fads come and go, but the current trend in wellness circles of building immunity in order to fend off diet related disease is one that as far as we can see, is here to stay. From the Whole30 plan that puts emphasis on whole foods – those not processed and full of added sugar – to plant based diets and supplements chock full of nutrients, the pandemic has brought much needed attention to what we eat and drink, and how it profoundly affects our overall health. 

Although the concept of detoxing is not new, it has evolved to add more vitamins and minerals into our daily routine and to reduce stress levels. The key is optimizing our body’s natural detoxification system through better habits:  cutting back on sugar, alcohol, salt and excess chemicals, and, of course, incorporating exercise, drinking lots of water, eating antioxidant-rich foods, and finding new ways to overcome the restless, anxious sleep that so many have experienced during the last fourteen months. 

So how do we practice this IRL? We looked to Zero Proof author Elva Ramirez for suggestions on how to reduce our alcohol intake, something most of us have understandably amped up over the last year. Ramirez recommends New London Light, for one, a complexly layered spirit distilled with fifteen types of nutrient dense botanicals including Macedonian juniper berries, zesty ginger, habanero capsicum, orange and cardamom – from award winning UK gin crafters Salcombe Distilling Co. The aromatic blend is made with all natural ingredients, is low calorie, and…alcohol-free. Delivering a herbaceous balance with a bright citrus and floral finish, paired with tonic water, one can enjoy the perfect (virgin) G&T. 

If you’re not ready to go all the way to zero proof, or have a long haul daytime drinking session ahead of you (another coronavirus crisis inspired trend), Ramirez recommends going half and half. For those already inclined towards moderation, getting creative with natural fruit and vegetable juice combinations is a good way to keep things interesting, providing the daily dose of nutrients – with a bit of buzz. 

Don’t have the time to play around with juice blends? We found Happy Being white teas to be the perfect antidote. White tea, as we are discovering, is rich in antioxidants that protect the body from toxins and provide health benefits that range from weight loss to lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. The teas are loaded with berries, peaches, and lemongrass – polyphenols which protect our cells and help them support our immune and inflammatory systems, and our microbiomes. As flavorful as they are good for you, they’re the perfect breakfast drink, afternoon refresher, or evening cocktail accompaniment.

Happy Being co-founder Chris Conway emphasizes the need for making things like berries, green tea, and turmeric part of a regular diet, because they contain a high level of polyphenols, which are the nutrients that plants use to defend against UV radiation – and according to studies, have anti-cancer and anti-aging effects. He also says to “be sure to eliminate sugars to the greatest extent possible, as their inflammatory effect can hamper detoxification.”  When it comes to relieving stress, Conway recommends taking a warm Epson bath and rubbing down your skin with a loofah or brush to promote lymphatic drainage. “This helps you soothe, relax, and detoxify.” 

So seeking healthful enlightenment wherever we can get it, especially after the monumental stresses of the past year, we asked Conway and Ramirez for their top tips on staying fighting fight this spring…and beyond.

Detox Tips From Chris Conway, Co-Founder, Happy Being

DRINK POLYPHENOLS Drink Happy Being to easily increase your consumption of polyphenols, which are the nutrients plants use to defend against UV radiation and other threats. Studies show that they can have anti-cancer, and anti-aging effects, amongst others.

LIMIT EXPOSURE Limit exposure in the first place. Eat organic foods, have good air filters and lots of plants, and use a water filter for your drinking water and in the shower. Be sure to eliminate sugars to the greatest extent possible as their inflammatory effect can really hamper detoxification.

PROMOTE BLOOD FLOW Let temperature be your friend. If you have a sauna do daily cycles between that and a cold shower. Even just switching between hot and cold water in your shower works. Try to do 3-4 cycles of 30 seconds. While it’s not for the faint of heart, it does help seriously promote blood flow which aids in detoxification. 

EAT POLYPHENOLS Berries + Turmeric + Green Tea. These should be a serious part of your diet. Intentionally eating these nutrients helps make sure that you are getting a particularly high level of polyphenols in your diet. 

CIRCULATION Take an Epson bath. A warm Epson bath can help you soothe, relax and detoxify. Be sure to rub down your skin with a loofa or brush to help promote lymphatic drainage. Start at the toes, and gently scrub, using circular motions towards your heart. 

Detox Tips From Elva Ramirez, Author of Zero Proof

KEEP THE GIN, SKIP THE BOOZE. There’s a gold rush of fantastic new non-alcoholic products that deliver the same bright flavors of traditional liquors, but without the alcoholic content. New London Light opens with a bright citrus aroma and a lovely herbaceous profile. Want a gin and tonic? Keep the same proportions but sub in the New London Light instead. 

USE A JIGGER TO MEASURE OUT DRINKS. It’s very easy to have a heavy hand when pouring out drinks, zero-proof or otherwise. And it’s even easier, several drinks in, to completely misjudge the amount of ingredients you’re pouring into the second or third round of drinks. Keep a measuring jigger on your bar cart and you’ll keep the flavors consistent, no matter how many you have. 

SPLIT YOUR BASE. Not sure if you’re ready to go fully zero-proof? Planning a languid afternoon drinks session? Split your traditional drink recipes, and use half traditional booze and half non-alcoholic spirit. Most bars carry at least one quality non-alcoholic spirit now, and it’s typically no problem to pour out one ounce of two products versus two ounces of one.

GET CREATIVE WITH JUICES. Whether it’s a farmer’s market haul or a Misfits vegetable delivery subscription, I get a lot of inspiration by mixing new fruit and vegetable juice combinations, which I invariably make it into drinks I serve to guests. I’ve tossed entire serrano peppers into the juicer. Mango plus beets and lemons? Yellow bell peppers plus ruby grapefruit? You have no idea. Nothing you buy at the store tastes better than freshly squeezed juices, which can then be turned into primo Pandemic Hostess serves. 



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