Images: The Langham Nymphenburg Residence is the New Paradigm of Bavarian Luxury

As the only way we can think of to lessen the sting of being (mostly) grounded, we’ve been keeping a dossier of all the groovy and glamorous new hotels debuting around the world these last several months – so we can be prepped to make our way to the corresponding destinations when we are at last freed from travel restrictions. Mexico City, Madrid and Wellington, NZ are already on the slate.

But we’re particularly intrigued by the opening of the extravagantly elegant new Langham Nymphenburg Residence, just outside of Munich. Sure, the Bavarian capital mostly takes a backseat to Berlin when Americans are considering excursions to Deutschland – but if high culture and very good beer are more your thing than 72-hour lost weekends in the underground techno scene, we cannot recommend it enough – especially when paired up with nearby Salzburg and Vienna.

Langham Hotels, of course, is one of the more innovative brands that have been re-inventing the very notion of five-star luxury, with properties more traditional (Boston, London) and also decidedly cutting edge (New York, Guangzhou). Nymphenburg Residence, however, represents a fascinating aesthetic conversation between the historical and the contemporary. Indeed, the Nymphenburg district of Southern Germany itself is most renowned for its namesake porcelain and palace, the latter an opulent baroque pile whose frontage is actually wider than that of Versailles.

That, of course, brings one to the first and probably only amenity that need be mentioned of the Residence: it is positioned in glorious sight of said palace, so one’s royal daydreams might be indulged to the fullest (and every room is a room with a view). But it also represents what will likely be a new ideal for European travel once the bans are lifted, in that it offers distinctly socially distanced luxury. Indeed, with four bedrooms, seven baths, three living rooms, a fully-equipped kitchen and 12-person dining table, plus fitness center, conference suite, screening room and wine cellar, it will handily accommodate most “inner circle” hives, be they family or friends.

Munich’s Mang Mauritz Design crafted the interiors to converse in harmony with the late-period baroque structure, with its striking canary yellow and white facade. To be sure, the resulting restrained but artful modernism includes Knoll and Donghia furnishings, lighting by Lichtkompetenz of Zurich, textiles by Bangkok’s Jim Thompson Fabrics, and silk carpets by Germany’s own Jan Kath. Another Munich firm, Dross und Schaffer custom crafted the Gaggenau equipped kitchen.

Bedrooms sport whimsical touches like vintage birdcages, canine and circus themes, and even starry sky, constellation-painted walls. In some, opulent chandeliers dangle above the bed, set against bold, fashion-forward wall coverings and drapes.

For local immersion, naturally, carefully chosen pieces of Nymphenburg porcelain (some custom made) grace not just the dining area, but also each and every bathroom – assuring every moment of the day is swathed in luxuriousness. Said bathrooms also feature playful elements like butterfly motifs and goldfish fancifully painted on the very expensive tiles.

A residence like The Langham Nymphenburg is surely perfect for those who enjoy being swathed in European history and luxury – but are not anxious to return to regular hotel stays quite so soon. Though a landscaped garden on the property can accommodate up to 100 guests – so once this insidious pandemic is behind us, one should absolutely consider throwing the party of a lifetime here…which we will happily attend.



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