GOODNIGHT MR LEWIS: Vox Noctem’s ‘Higher Vibrations’ Promises Holistic Sex New Year’s Eve Experience

For many, New Year’s Eve is a desperate quest to drown away sorrows, blast away evil spirits and purge the previous year with hopes of a clean slate for 2017. And with a vicious election cycle, a world seemingly out of control and the death of so many of our cultura icons, 2016 seems best relegated to the bottom of a bottle.

Millions will see that ball drop live in the sanitized, security conscious center of the universe. But for those hoping to experience the turning of another year as a thrilling, emotional catharsis, consider the April Love and Karlie Dean curated event, Vox Noctem’s Higher Vibrations – which will be held in a 10,000 square foot “Speakeasy Spa” in Brooklyn.

It will allow for the rare opportunity to usher in 2017 in a whole new state of mind.






Tell me all about the space. What will go on there?

Our curated and immersive theatrical performance art at Vox Noctem has always strived to guide members of our community through an introspective and enlightening experience. Higher Vibrations asks you to join our holistic journey through the elements, generating a meaningful farewell to our past endeavors, while confidently leading us into the New Year.

There are several segments to the experience?

We’ve broken down our 16 hour experience into four sessions within our 10,000 square foot spa oasis; attendees will not only have access to typical spa amenities – jacuzzi, aromatic steam room, saunas, cold plunge, health tonics and wholesome food concoctions – but also have the opportunity to engage in sensual encounters with souls on a similar vibration. Prepare to be saturated with sounds that will utilize your body’s desire to dance through our illustrious selection of DJs, that have been hand selected to highlight each portion of our healing journey.

What about the music programming?

We’re are excited to bring a diverse lineup of male and female artists including Oceanvs Orientalis, Coyoti, Elé from Berlin, Kelly Kellam, and surprise guests still to be announced. 

Higher Vibrations is part of a broader approach to the nightlife experience? Tell us about events planned for 2017.

Our hopes for the future… a central focus at Vox Noctem is changing the way we socialize; and in organizing this event, our hope is to promote a healthier alternative that still satisfies all the desires of our beloved creatures of the night. As an all female production and creative collective, we’re using Higher Vibrations as a push to deviate from the norm by addressing the lack of holistic outlets for the New Year that the health conscious community is faced with.

What are your hopes for the future?

A central focus at Vox Noctem is offering a healthier way to socialize and experience nightlife, to infuse feminine energy and sex positivism into each of these carefully curated events. Also, to strive to create a platform for a wide variety of artists to showcase their work and talents, and an environment where people feel free to express their truest selves, whatever that may look like.





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