Eating Goth: The New York DARK Food Festival Comes to Williamsburg



What’s more goth than wearing black? How about eating black?

If the very thought sends a shiver up your spine, you might consider making haste for the grimly fiendish New York DARK Food Festival, which debuts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on May 19, after its tantalizing debut in Budapest (as the Black Food Festival)…with stops in Berlin, Tel Aviv and Helsinki along the way. Hungry darkwavers (and everyone else) will know the existential joy of indulging in everything from black sesame or charcoal ice cream, to black garlic and of course, black chocolate – as well as an array of inventive and innovative dishes that experiment with, naturally, the color black.

Festival founder Regina Boros shares, “I am a food blogger in Budapest, following trends on social media. I noticed people’s crazy reactions to the posts where black cakes, or black hamburgers appear, even in the fine dining scene – like Noma in Copenhagen, or other Michelin-starred restaurants. If someone shares a black dish, people love it more than usual. So it came to my mind: why not create a food festival where every vendor can sell only black, or dark colored food?” And we love that she did.

But black food isn’t just artificially colored; some of the most sought after ingredients, from the finest coffee, luscious black berries, or balsamic vinegar have been cultivated for centuries using traditional methods that render them blackest. “Our passion here at the DARK Food Festival is to discover and share the lesser-known black foods from across the world – whether that’s boudin noir, black macarons, or black garlic – and to explore a new and unique culinary dimension.”

“Black is not just a color for me,” she continues, “it is something creative, beautiful, simple but complex. It can be weird to try a black hamburger or macaron, new types of black vegetables or fruits, black corn, black tomato, or even a completely black rice dish; but it is about experimentation, to step out from your comfort zone.”

There’s even a juried competition, the New York Experimentalists Black/Dark Food Festival Awards. Risk takers, iconoclasts and tenebrous trailblazers all, will be judged by a prestigious panel of gastronomy professionals, on the lookout for the most creative concoctions. Two dark-hearted exhibitors will be awarded in the food and drink categories.

Should you be watching your emaciated goth figure, not only will comestibles and tipples be on offer, but also “black design and fashion, accessories and decoration.”

Boros concludes, “I love dark culture, dark music, black fashion…”

Us too, of course.

(The Dark Food Festival will take place Sunday, May 19th at The Canvas, 132 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tickets are available on EventBrite. Istanbul and London follow in June)


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