10 Things You Need to Eat at Smorgasburg 2017

How could there possibly be a better way to spend an NYC weekend, than eating your way through the more than a hundred food vendors + trucks that make of the annual festival of indulgence that is Smorgasburg (get it?) – which is underway once again. It will take place every Saturday at Williamsburg’s East River Park and Sunday at Prospect Park, between now and the end of October; and from donuts to short ribs to Shanghai street food, this is our handy guide to what you absolutely need to try.

First tip? Skip breakfast.

1  @duckseasonnyc

Brooklyn Duck Poutine with duck fat fries, duck bacon and aged cheddar


2  @ubekitchen

The top selling halo bowl with salted ube ice cream served in a hollow dragon fruit gourd. Top with your choice of red mung beans and fresh fruits like blackberry, mango and jackfruit. And of course, toasted coconut – because why not?


3  @destinationdumplings

From lamb dumplings with tzatziki to jerk chicken with yuzu pineapple salsa and peking duck dumplings with Hoisin sauce, it’s all amazing.


4  @carnal_bk

Get carnal: smoked short rib, marrow basted and topped with arugula, snap pea and horseradish pesto. Or pork shoulder sliders, slow cooked and tender with a rub made of coriander and ‘nduja (pureed and seasoned pork). Charred pineapple and leek gremolata set it all off.


5  @pop_pasta

Donuts aren’t just for dessert anymore. These handheld pasta and sauce bombs have even hit TV’s the Chew – @pop_pasta is blowing up. Choose from Aglio e olio, red sauce, carbonara or bolognese.


6  @rollplaynyc

“Namchos” or nachos with a Vietnamese twist from @rollplaynyc, featuring marinated beef and pickled carrots over crispy shrimp chips topped with cilantro and special sauce. Their namesake spring rolls are full to bursting with fresh cut veggies, and your choice of caramel pork belly, lemongrass flank steak, glazed tofu or jumbo garlic shrimp.


7  @dulcineanyc

A churro ice cream sandwich is the answer to every question. Ice cream flavors change daily with classics like nutella and strawberry updated with peanut butter and almond milk. The churros are crisp and made daily and sometimes dipped in chocolate. Add your choice of chocolate sauce, crumbled cookie pieces and sprinkles to what is a ridiculous flavor bomb.


8  @outerborough

Pancakes for lunch? Yes, when they are Taiwanese style scallion pancakes filled with crispy popcorn chicken, scallions and cilantro from @outerborough. Popcorn chicken not your thing? Switch to thin sliced braised beef with pickled carrots and borough sauce, a creamy tangy treat. Or try crispy tofu with mint and cucumber, sure to satisfy every palate.


9  @ohhts

Virtuous, gluten-free and somehow still decadent, @ohhts’ new treat banana bread overnight oats features caramelized banana and layers of thick, creamy yogurt. Other flavors include cherry pie, strawberry shortcake and hint-of-vanilla.

10  @jianbiangcompany

Find Shanghai street food in your Brooklyn backyard with @jianbiangcompany. Their crepe-like batter is spread thin, crisped and then filled with your choice of eggs, beef, chicken, pork or tofu, sweet bean chili sauce and scallions. Folded and wrapped to go, this is the perfect snack for walking around the packed grounds and doing some quality people watching.




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