Steal This Look: The Queer Brooklyn Pug

Illustration by Hilton Dresden

We’re back with another edition of “Steal This Look,” and this time, we’re pulling out all the stops with our gender queer, Brooklyn hipster pug on their way to work, coffee in hand. Wondering how to replicate this iconic dress and oversized-demin look? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Only issue here might be that you aren’t a pug. Unless you are – don’t want to assume anything!

The knee-length collared dress.

Here’s what’s important when looking for the right dress to make this look: it should be collared, with a high neckline that buttons up in an ideal world. Also, let’s not let our hems get too short – we’re wearing this to work. This one from Ted Baker works nicely:

The Oversized Denim:

Things to keep in mind while shopping for an oversized denim: contrast collars, dropped shoulder seams, and a good medium-tone wash. Remember to decorate with broaches. This trucker jacket from Levi’s is a great option:

The Bolo Tie:

Get yourself a good bolo tie. Honestly it’s a shocker you haven’t by now. They sell them on Amazon:

Bowling Shoes:

Top the look off with some bowling shoes – if you can snatch some from a bowling alley that’s wronged you (so you don’t have to feel bad about stealing), that’s ideal.

And there you have it, folks. This fashion upgrade brought to you by pugs everywhere.

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