Frank & Oak’s Ethan Song on the Brand’s Larose Paris Collaboration and Black Atlass Campaign

Black Atlass stars in Frank & Oak x Larose Paris’ campaign

With the inevitable return of winter and a swiftly encroaching holiday season, layers are no longer optional—a reality for many cold weather victims that often means giving up. Montreal-based retailer and purveyor of lumber sexual chic, Frank & Oak has partnered with prized French millinery Larose Paris to help fight this norm, placing emphasis on craftsmanship to fuse a youthful aesthetic with refined, time-honored style.

The collection delivers a particularly impressive range of headwear, from a luxurious rabbit felt fedora to an elegant wool-twill cap. Canadian producer Black Atlass was recruited for the campaign, embodying the modern classic ethos of the collaboration. BlackBook recently chatted with Frank & Oak Co-Founder/CEO Ethan Song about the brand’s latest pursuit.

You’ve said this collaboration is rooted in friendship. Why?

“Isaac [Larose] has been a friend of the brand since day one. A few of us knew him before he founded Larose Paris. Our team always supported Larose Paris and we really wanted to work on a common collection together for a long time, [so] now was the time.”


2015-10-14_F&OxLAROSE PARIS_0174


How does Black Atlass reflect this collaboration?

“The collaboration was inspired by Montreal’s talented creatives and Alex Fleming AKA ‘Black Atlass’ was a perfect example of that strong community. He’s definitely a young Canadian, visionary, singer/songwriter and producer that has an interesting vision and direction. He’s taking the world by storm.”

What makes Larose Paris x Frank & Oak such a perfect pairing?

“We really value the respect for craftsmanship and desire to offer meticulous craft. Larose Paris truly has a French expertise in chapellerie and we wanted to celebrate it. It was interesting for us to [create] a made-in-France product with really great fabrics [and] a higher price point. It’s kind of a gift for our loyal customers.”


2015-10-14_F&OxLAROSE PARIS_0219


Which hat is your favorite from the collection?

“I love the caps. The shorter trim makes the look super modern and stylish. I also like the fact that the material is the exact same as one of our winter coats. Worn together, the look is super bold and modern.”

Take us through the step-by-step process behind creating your zip fedora.

“Rabbit fur is felted then shaped into a cone/hat body. The hat body is blocked into shape by wetting it and pulling it over a metal block press. Blocking to final size is done with steam and iron. Once the hat is shaped, our artisans then slice open the left side of the crown to place the zipper. They then attach the lining that will serve as a pocket and the inside grosgrain for comfort.The hat is then ready for final inspection before shipping from France.”


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