Photographer Rémi Lamandé Spent 11 Years Creating Risqué Fashion Images of His Little Brother

Not every seven-year-old living in the countryside of France would be comfortable putting on wigs and weird fashion, but for the past 11 years, photographer Rémi Lamandé has been collaborating with his little brother Eric to create photos that are, if vaguely unsettling, incredibly beautiful. The fashion world has taken notice, too: Lamandé shoots for VMan032CModern Weekly China and L”Officiel Hommes Korea. He has collaborated with clients like Louis Vuitton, Marani, Komakino and another rising talent, designer Chris Gelinas of CG. He has also worked with us, and you can see some of Rémi”s work for BlackBook here. Still, he continues to build on his special bond with his brother. Every time they see each other (they”re separated by an ocean), the ritual continues; it”s a series of work that Lamandé eventually plans to turn into a book.

Here he explains his inspirations, favorite photos, and shares some of the photos he”s been taking of his brother for more than a decade.



When did you start taking photos? Do you remember the first photo you took?

I started taking pictures when I was 18, in art school.

I used to draw and paint before moving on to photography, but I still draw most of my pictures beforehand.

The first photos I took were a few of my friends in fluorescent clothing reenacting biblical scenes, not too proud of this one…

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Can you talk about the personal project we’re showing (some of) here?

I take pictures of my little brother every time I see him; it’s a mix of natural portraits and set up scenarios.

I’m compiling them and will release them as a book when I feel like they are ready.

I began shooting him when he was seven (he’s 18 now), during the Christmas holiday, and it’s become our ritual every time we see each other. It’s very special to me.

It’s funny because we have both got very used to it, and I’d feel weird now, seeing him and not taking his picture.

Although I make him do very uncomfortable things and I’m the only one enjoying it.


What”s your favorite photo you”ve ever taken?

I love this photo of Eric with a blue face, holding his coat against the wind in front of the sea.


Who/what inspires you?

Many movies: I love Gregg Araki movies, the Werner Herzog Nosferatu, Hausu, Hypnotized and Hysterical (Hairstylist Wanted)

I love the Finnish painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela. I love Rudi Gernreich… Oh and I love Jamie Hewlett’s illustrations, especially for Gorillaz, they’re so good.

What are you working on next?

Continuing this project with Eric and upcoming photo stories.

I’m actually looking for a prosthetic make up artist for one of them, anyone??

© Rémi Lamandé © Rémi Lamandé

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All photos courtesy of Rémi Lamandé. View more of Rémi”s work here.

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