BlackBook Exclusive: Austrian Electro-Poppers Hunger’s Guide To Vienna

Ceaselessly touted in international media (including BlackBook) as one of the most livable, prosperous, romantic, efficient, Trump-free and generally amazing cities in the world, the Austrian capital of Vienna oozes culture, sophistication, and excellent urban planning. This was the city of Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss, but also the cradle of modern design and psychology. Never mind the spectacular architecture, from gothic to baroque to contemporary.

But it’s also a city at the bleeding edge of art, style and nightlife, even if it doesn’t brag about it as much as London and Paris. Indeed, its club scene is one of Europe’s wildest and sexiest, and its 6th and 7th districts buzz with cool kids and creative energy.

Vienna’s contributions to recent pop music have also been a bit under the radar. But a new favorite is HUNGER, three stylish Viennese gents disposed towards evocative, cinematic and supremely catchy electro tunes. Their latest single “Gravity” is Duran Duran sexy, and like their predecessors, it’s accompanied by a glamorously artistic video (which we’re premiering here), directed by eminently fashionable photographer and filmmaker Christian Lamb (Madonna, Rihanna). Warning: may be NSFW.

Scene-makers as they are back home, we asked them to turn us on to some of the city’s grooviest spots, from bars to boutiques to galleries. Check it all out, below, as well as the BlackBook premiere of HUNGER’s “Gravity” music video:

Burggasse 24

Burggasse 24 Vienna 2

Burggasse 24 is an amazing second hand concept, both fashion shop and coffee house. It’s located in the 7th district, which is known for being one of the more hip and alternative neighborhoods in Vienna, with lots of great bars, cafes, local food markets and creative people.

True You

True You is a new Viennese fashion and lifestyle brand. Founder and blogger Ilja Jay and his crew are constantly promoting the most happening parties all over Vienna, so watch out for the TY logo. The clothes are available at Addicted To Rock.


WUK Vienna 2

The WUK is an amazing place, featuring different concert venues and art galleries and always hosting interesting cultural events. We’ve played several shows there with former bands. It’s most appreciated in summer for the outdoor bars and areas.

Cafe Jelinek

For an authentic, old fashioned Viennese coffee culture experience, this is the perfect place. Order our favorite, the Piccolo, a mocha with whipped cream.


Donaukanal Vienna

Summertime is probably the best time in Vienna. Low traffic, less people and a lot of amazing outdoor opportunities. Our favorite spot is the Donaukanal, a smaller side branch of the Danube, full of pop-up bars, restaurants and hammocks. Go and check out Tel Aviv Beach, a bar that combines Oriental cuisine and fun in the sun.


For the freshest food, we love to go to Brunnenmarkt. Much cheaper than the famous Naschmarkt, it features a daily outdoor market and several amazing restaurants.


Motto Vienna 1

A true classic in Vienna, a bar and a restaurant with an extravagantly designed space and enduring cult status. With great style and music, it continues to draw artists and the local creative scene. Amazing international cuisine, as well!

If Dogs Run Free

“Dogs” is one of our favorite bars in Vienna. It’s very small and intimate, serving the best cocktails while also playing amazing electronic tunes. Its dark, rough design was conceived by the architect owners. Located in the very much upcoming 6th District, with great cafes and bars.

Eden Bar


The Eden is one of the most beautiful and also oldest Viennese bars, located in the 1st District. It feels like going back in time and experiencing the city of classical times. Take note, they won’t let you in unless you’re wearing a suit or evening dress. We love it!

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