Tiger Woods, Tiana Reeves, ‘Paper’ Cuts

Years ago I went to the marvelous country of Belize, where nature’s wonders and a diverse culture made me believe there was once a place named Eden. When you travel through this paradise, you might say something like “OMG, isn’t that beautiful,” to which a local Belizean will invariably answer, “You better Belize it!” The first time you hear this ,you laugh, you cry, it’s as perfect as that tree full of iguanas or the manatees swimming past your flippers. But then it gets tired, and after a week of it, you want to murder someone. I’m getting that way with Tiger Woods chatter. I have been asking almost every person in clubs, “Have you slept with Tiger Woods?” The funny thing is, some take the question seriously. So I caught up with Tiana Reeves, a club hostess with the mostest (well, maybe she has just a little more than the rest) and asked her the big question.

Have you slept with Tiger Woods? Well Steven, even if yes, I couldn’t divulge that. I mean I would. Of course. He’s hot, and he is sexy.

Do you like him more now than before the scandal? I know how people are. I know how men are. People say my husband would never do that, never cheat on me, but let me tell you something … well, I’m not going to say anything. But men are … he’s a bad role model now. He’s a good athlete. A great golfer, but I like him less because he handled it … well … uncool.

Who’s the “coolest” celebrity you have met? As a singer I respect Madonna, who I have met three times. Love, love, love her. So easy to get along with. Demi Moore is classy, pretty, and so Hollywood, and Meryl Streep is so fabulous.

Have you slept with any of them? Can’t say!

OMG its only me … nobody reads this thing. No, because in my job we keep quiet about the people we cater to. We make sure they’re taken care of. If anything happens, it’s off limits. It’s between you and me and maybe somebody else. If you talk, you’re done. People must know they can trust you.

So this club biz thing, how did you start in it? I was a dancer at the Peter Gatien clubs in 1992. You know, Limelight, Palladium, Tunnel, Club USA.

Then eventually you came to work at Bungalow 8. I started going there and hosting, and what was funny is people thought I was Amy Sacco sometimes. We look similar, and when she was away, I basically did her job.

Did you make a lot of money as a host at Bungalow? I never really officially worked there, but people thought I did, and I was like part of the family.

What? Wait, you never really worked there? You didn’t get paid? I saw you there like every night, and you represented … I did do my Tuesdays there. Eventually. It was fun. Mixed gays and celebrities. An interesting mix … everybody fused together like in the old days. That’s what I loved about it.

So when did you leave Bungalow even though you weren’t officially ever there? I left when it wasn’t fun anymore, when 27th Street wasn’t fun anymore. It used to be fun, but then the money wasn’t there.

I hear Amy’s still looking to get a spot open on 17th Street. Would you work or non-work work for Amy again? I would work for her in a minute. I mean, she’s a genius. Lot 61, then Bungalow and Bungalow London. We’re very much alike, personality-wise. We have a great friendship, companionship. If she comes up with a unique place, if she runs it the way it was run, I would work for her again.

So tonight (Thursdays), you are a “not-talking-about-if-you-had-sex-with-tiger woods” hostess at USL, that place below Coffee Shop. Yes, Lelaine Lau is throwing the party, and I’m hosting. It has a very Bungalow 8, subMercer feel to it. It’s called Shake and Pop. It’s really hard to find, so you need to have somebody tell you where it is.

Somebody? Because you don’t tell! Oh, Steven.

So I went to the Paper magazine awards last night because everyone was there, and I am part of everyone, sometimes. It was at M2, which really can rock when it has a great crowd. Last night was a blast. Don’t ask me who won anything ,as I wasn’t paying attention. The awards are a peoples’ choice affair where anyone can vote as many times as they please for the candidate of their preference. So a determined contestant can basically spend hours with interns voting for themselves 10,000 times. There’s an argument that the person who comes in last in the voting should be the actual winner, as they are working at their craft and had no time to stuff the ballots. I stopped by the Paper table to say hey to Kim Hastreiter and David Herskovitz. David reminded me that I withdrew from the awards last year, and he knew I wasn’t interested in being involved. He got that right. I was there to mingle and say hey to Gary Pini and Carlo McCormick and the industry. I asked the Jane’s Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte when they would open, and I got a shrug and a “January.” I winked and whisked by old friends and other faces that seemed familiar. I stopped by the Webster Hall table and chatted up old friends. Although I have major beef with Webster Hell, many of the people who work there are wonderful. I was really there to support Brittany Mendenhall, who was up for best blog. We have been linked romantically but there is little to that story except that I adore her and she has no time for me . She looked amazing and was so proud to be nominated. She writes and runs ChiChi212 while working in restaurants to pay her way through law school. In my book that makes her a winner.

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