Samantha Ronson and DJ Vice Talk Collaboration

As the decade starts to fold up, mash up seems to be developing the status of a genre. House DJ’s command six figure fees and sell out stadiums overseas, while in America the hottest spots feature DJ’s that offer a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Tonight at The Borgata in fabulous Atlantic City, DJ Vice and Samantha Ronson will DJ together for the first time. I love the idea of mega DJs playing around, playing off each other, experimenting. Atlantic City is close enough for a day trip and Borgata continues to be committed to offering Vegas like talent and service to the Eastern seaboard.

DJs like Kid Capri, Funkmaster Flex and Samantha’s brother Mark Ronson were pioneers playing tracks from different genre’s and mashing them together back in the mid ‘90s, long before there was a label for it. PR guru Sam Ong set me up with a quick interview with DJ Vice and Samantha Ronson over the weekend. They talked real fast and over each other, but kept moving forward, which bodes well for the set tonight. I got about half of it down as all my assistants are traveling while I have been unraveling.

Is this the first time you guys have ever DJed together? DJ Vice: I guess it is the first time . It doesn’t mean it’s the first time we partied together. Samantha Ronson: Yeah, we’ve DJed in the same place but in different rooms. DV: Then partied together after.

How are you going to do it? Take turns, back and forth? Is one of you opening for the other? SR: I guess we’ll just wing it. DV: We have different styles. I’ll be basically on with some shit the crowd will want to hear while Sam plays all the cool records and gets away with it. I’ll just jump out and come back in. SR: Yeah I asked Vice if he wanted to do this, he’s dope. I was surprised the Borgata wanted to do this. It seems like a waste for them but awesome for us. DV: She inspires me. She plays this song and I’ll go damn.

A while back I saw DJ AM spin with Doug E Fresh and I thought it was amazing seeing these two legends play off each other. At that time I thought I would be seeing more of this kind of collaboration, but I haven’t. Why is that? DV: To be completely honest, budget. Borgata will take the chance and spend the money to make this kind of thing happen. SR: We’re very excited by it. DV: Borgata is the type of place that will bring a moment. I’m there like once a month and the people who come to see me will see something they haven’t seen before. Samantha will go down one lane and I’ll need to go there. I’ll want to keep the vibe. SR: It’s a challenge. We don’t want to fuck it up. In the end we’re there to keep the crowd on the dance floor happy. DV: Yeah, Samantha might put on a hip hop classic and I can’t follow with an Akon song. SR: I think it’s a total challenge.

Now Vice are you always called Vice or do some people call you Eric? DV: No, it’s always Vice. My mom calls me Vice, she calls herself mama Vice. SR: Some people call me Charlotte.

Because your twin sister is Charlotte. SR: yes

Samantha, I read somewhere that you made a million dollars last year DJing. That’s a long way from DJing the lounges and clubs in NYC. SR: First of all, who is looking at my bank statements? And I think there’s nothing grosser than talking about money. DV: Lots of people don’t know it but Samantha has been DJing for 11 years.

I’ve always known you as a DJ who plays a very eclectic set. How do you adjust to a place like mur.mur? SR: I’m not going to play the same set at mur.mur as I would in a lounge. I mean I’m not going to play pitbull. The music has changed over the last 11years. I grew up with rock and roll, then the Pharcyde and classic hip hop. I wasn’t really familiar with West Coast hip hop. So I started out with rock and then hip hop was pop thanks to Puffy. My brother Mark was one of the first to do mash up. He was mixing rock with hip hop way back when.

Yes he was my regular DJ back at Life and I don’t remember anyone doing it before him. DV: And AM brought it to LA. SR: We’re excited. DV: You’ll here a different set from me.

Will you ping pong? One of you plays a song and then the other one has no idea what it’s going to be and has to come up with another song fast and keep the floor? DV: we have no idea. Neither of us plans our set. SR: Yeah, we don’t have a playlist but our job is to entertain and there is a time and a place for other stuff

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