Mark Baker’s Got Juice

Club icon Mark Baker is best known for running A-list joints and hanging with the fastest of crowds. His following is a “who’s who” list of jet-setters, trendsetters, celebrities and the beautiful. His club history is a “where’s where” of the best joints in 20 years. He is currently the go to guy over at Juliet Supper Club.What many don’t know about Mr. Baker is that he is an athlete too. Those used to seeing him tool around in a Ferrari don’t realize that back in 1978, he was the European skateboard champ. Mark has joined up with my man Marcus Antebi to open up a small outpost of healthy satisfaction called the Juice Press on 1st Avenue and 1st Street. Here you can offset the jet-set lifestyle, including all the stress, bad intakes and imbibes of nightlife. According to Marcus, their juice can even cure a hangover. I caught up with this dynamic duo and asked them a few questions about the venture.

Mark ,how do you know Marcus? MARK BAKER: I’ve known my dear friend Marcus for 15-odd years. He’s real New York, and even without the head-to-toe tattoos, the guy’s a badass. Skater, surfer, skydiver (with bare fucking feet), he even packs his own chute. He’s soft-spoken, but don’t let that hide the intensity and seriousness of this man when he puts his mind to something. So when some months ago Marcus approached me — after seeing my new healthy lifestyle — how could I resist such an offer to partner up in an amazing new business to spread healthy living to all my toxic friends and supermodels.

How did you get educated on the liquid revolution, including cleanses? MB: He explained in detail the concept of the business — juicing taken to another level, none of your street crap that has no nutritional benefit whatsoever, but the real deal with a proper balance of natural and organic goods that create a full program … or just a daily dose of stuff that makes you feel and look good.

Besides taking care of your mind and body, what is your role here? MB: My job is to translate this detailed process to a sound bite and message that can be carried to the thousands of New Yorkers who lead a hectic and stressful life with only enough time for a quick fix really. And yes, we will be delivering for those who can’t make it downtown.

I guess the big question is: does it work? MB: For the short time I have been drinking the juices, it’s unbelievable how the right ingredients and combinations can make you feel and look so much better and help with everything, from lack of energy, digestion, proper weight loss, detoxification … I mean, if you really think about it, you wouldn’t put shitty diesel into a Ferrari right? So why would you put anything but the best into your body?

You have been a nightlife operator for eons; isn’t that sort of a disconnect with selling a healthy lifestyle? MB: Some may think it may be strange that someone in the middle of the nightlife scene would get involved with something as healthy as this, but I mean, that’s kind of the point. This juicing lifestyle helps maintain the insanely stressful and unhealthy nightlife. So what better role model could there be? I just want to spread the good word because it really helps.

When can I get some? MB: The Juice Press will be open shortly … Marcus is there 24/7 and is always ready to educate anyone who wants to listen. The products are great, no bullshit, and I guarantee will help change your life for the better, or just refresh you on a hot day. I’ll let the product speak for itself.

Marcus, why is juice press so special? MARCUS ANTEBI: The Juice Press is a centrally located organic cold-press juice, smoothie, salad and raw sandwich take-out place. We designed our menu to genuinely make people healthier. We don’t use any refined sugar or soy, and we use organic live produce!

Why is it important to “press”? MA: We are focusing on the cold-pressed juice because they last in the refrigerator three days, as opposed to centrifugal rotary- blade juicers. This shelf life allows us a far-reaching delivery service and the ability to create 7- to 9-juice-per-day cleanses. We deliver your daily juice needs, and you keep them cold and drink them throughout the day.

What does this do for me? MA: Our formulas are revitalizing and rejuvenating. Not only will gain control over your weight if you follow our programs, but you will rebuild the cells of your body, repair and so much more.

Can you help save the world from the dreaded hangover? MA: The hangover is believed to be caused by a combination of physical reactions to excessive consumption — dehydration, acidity left behind in the stomach, and vitamin dehydration. The remedies we have devised address the leading causes and put all of the vital materials back into your body.

What did you do before, and how do you know Mark Baker? MA: I retired from professional skydiving with 2,300 jumps and fought Thai boxing competitively. I know Mark from nigh life for 20 years, and we’ve talked about building a place like this to bring health and nutrition to our lifestyles for years.

You and Mark spend — or spent — a lot of years in clubs. Is the Juice Press a reaction to that often unhealthy lifestyle? MA: I’m clean and sober 24 years, and having a kitchen like this to juice and eat amazing salads is a dream come true. Mark and I always wanted to do a healthy lifestyle place in contrast to clubs and bars.

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