Jamie Hatchett Talks Harbor, Montauk

As the summer winds down, I’ll head off to Montauk to DJ this Sunday at the Harbor Raw Bar and Lounge (440 West Lake Drive), with Uncle Mike, Adam Lipson, Jamo Willo and some special guests. The shindig is billed as a Labor Day Pop Up for the Ultimate Sindustry Sunday. Hosts are No. 8 big wigs Amy Sacco and Bobbi Rossi and the debonair Jamie Hatchett. Wild horses couldn’t drag me out east usually, but I never say no this crew. They are simply wonderful. It’s nice to see Jamie elevate his game. He was a delicious doorman, a delightful bottle host and now he is a partner, with owner Robert Hirsch, and a player. Pierre Rougey is the chef and Moses LaBoy the mixologist. I caught up with Jamie Hatchett and asked him all about it.

What has Harbor added to the Montauk experience this season?

Jamie Hatchett: Great Location, away from the town, a one stop shop where you can have a great meal and then stay and dance to the wee hours of the morning, a great level of service, still friendly with the locals, and a place where people can go to after Surf Lodge—which is a three-minute drive. They can continue to have fun, and most importantly, Sundays / Sindustry night where the people that take care of everyone all week long get taken care of! From security to managers , servers and cabana boys. Harbor became the home where all industry could come and relax and drink and forget about work for that night .

What worked for you this season?

JH: The team. My first time spending a lot of time in MTK and getting to know everyone. I met some great new friends .

What happens with you come the fall?

JH: I have opened up my own Consulting Company, so I look forward to working with some new accounts. As for the nightclub, I can’t release it yet, but I will still be in the scene and of course running the front of the house.

How did you get here and what were the stops along the way?

JH: I got here from hard work. After modeling for so many years I needed to challenge myself on a business level. I went to the university of life, self taught, and I’ve made many mistakes, got caught up in the party scene, but somehow I learn more every year and get stronger and better every year .This is still just the beginning for me on the Hospitality Ownership level. There is much more to come .

Is Montauk now actually the last stop on the Hamptons or is it still a town to itself?

JH: The jury is still out on that one …

Having worked with everyone, what have you learned from them all ? Give me a brief service 101—how do you do it?

JH: This is a tough one…they are all so unique, special and they all bring something different to the table. I could write a laundry list on this but I won’t. I just stayed true to myself, and I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve and I have always been me. You learn to manage their egos and go along with them. You are what your team is, but you must always stay true to who you are. It sounds cliche but it’s worked for me, and I have worked along side them all and I can still call them friends—being bitter and negative only holds you back 

After modeling, then the door at great clubs and then bottle service, where do you see yourself in five years?

JH: I want to focus on the Consulting Company, maybe venture into hotels and then open up a staffing company for Hospitality and especially Nightlife. I have worked with the best and my relationships with them have not changed. I connect people everyday, and eventually with the right team I would love to merge all the work / experience and contacts and create something great. I still toy with the Idea of going back into acting, maybe because that was my dream. Then of course one day I will write a Book about all these crazy bitches, including myself…stay turned #thehatchettlife .

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