BangOn! Presents Easter Island, Thousands Expected

 Few things argue the relevance of the Brooklyn cultural revolution more than the infamous warehouse parties where thousands of the, shall I use the word, “Hipsters,” gather for a good time rarely found anymore anyplace else. The leaders of the pack, the Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Pele of these galas are the BangOn! crew Bang On! NYC.

Their events have helped define an era when the bridge and tunnel crowd is now coming to Brooklyn from Manhattan and beyond. Tomorrow night there is a big event planned and everyone will be there. The reputation of these events is so great that selling out—tickets that is—is a forgone conclusion. The BangOn! crew are devoted to making each experience unique and even better than the last event. To that end, comes BangON! NYC presents Easter Island. From their press release:  

“On Saturday, April 19th, BangOn!NYC is transforming a 15,000 sq ft warehouse into a mythical Polynesian paradise, complete with giant monoliths, and island oasis, aerialists swinging across a jungle canopy, and a tropical bouncy castle. In celebration of Easter weekend, there will be an “adult” Easter Egg hunt from 10-11pm- get there early and find a surprise! Welcome to the jungle, baby.”

Headlining DJs include Sleepy & Boo and Worthy(Dirty Bird). They will be joined by Dirty Looks, David Hohme, Love & Logic, Yentalbeats, The Golden Pony, Poolboy 92, Tony Quattro, 2Melo, Joro Boro,  Bekim and Subset on two dance floors. DJs start at 10pm and go till 6am. Besides all that great music, there will be an Aerial Performance by Anya from House of Yes, Go-go dancer alien abductions by Team Kitty Koalition, Tribal Burlesque by Emily Shepard (Agent M), Visuals by Blue Crash, Monolithic stone heads with laser eyes, Lush jungle decor, Island Oasis Bar, Limited free bunny ears, Adult Easter Egg Hunt from 10-11! Plus, the always necessary..Tropical bouncy castle. The drill is you buy your tickets HERE and the day of you will be told where the secret location is.

I caught up with BangOn! founder’s Timothy Monkiewicz, Brett Herman ,Gene Bradley, and the invaluable Kelly Smith through the effervescent Emily Bachman. I asked them some questions and got a compilation of answers.

Tell me about the events this Saturday.What are the goals and expectations?

This Saturday is our Easter Island Party. “Easter Island” is a special incarnation of our Frequency events (our opening Frequency party was March  22).  Our parties have scaled so large and so quickly that following three massive ones (Elements festival in September, Halloween and New Year’s), we thought it would be fun to bring it back to a more focused and intimate experience. And yes, by intimate I mean 2000 people vs. 6,000.

Easter Island will feature two stages of music, in a jungle-like setting complete with monolithic stone heads, flying aerialists, a tropical bouncy castle, an adult Easter egg hunt and much much more. I’m most excited to see what people end up wearing – it’s been a while since we had such a specific theme.

How do you keep it fresh? What do you do to keep your edge?

We try to exceed ourselves every time, and come up with something bigger, wackier, and better. Anyone who’s been to our parties knows they’re not going to a run-of-the-mill warehouse party, we create an immersive environment from the ground up.

Is this the edge? How have you adjusted to continued success in mundane ways, like keeping people safe and services like bathrooms and security. How did your production evolve?

There’s so much more we want to create, not just on the art production and music side but with infrastructure and event scale as well, including multi-day festivals and destination events around the world.  Playing nice with the law, and providing the necessary safety precautions has allowed us to grow in ways that some of our neighbors have not, so we can focus on the creativity and quality of each event.

Are you in competition with spaces like Output and Verbotten?

Obviously our parties are less frequent than places like Verboten and Output and we aren’t bound to certain restrictions that a permanent club might be, so we don’t really see them as competition. People go to clubs for DJs, they come to us for an experience.

I’ve heard numbers like 6,000 people. How big can this grow and how big can an event get?

The size of our parties is really only limited by the venue’s capacity.  We are so fortunate to have an amazing network of people who keep coming back for each event, many of whom are friends that have been around since the beginning.  They are the brick and mortar of our castles!

The secret location thing and announcement day of, why is this still important?

You’ll see when you get there 🙂 Why spoil the surprise? Our crowd trusts it will be somewhere awesome.

Is Brooklyn as relevant, or more relevant, than say 5 or 10 years ago?

I think it’s more relevant than ever, people travel to NYC specifically to see Brooklyn. East Williamsburg, for example, where we produce a lot of events used to be in no-mans land. Now, it’s not unheard of for people to come out from upper Manhattan to East Williamsburg/Bushwick on a Saturday night!

Summer events coming up?

Our ELEMENTS Outdoor Music Festival will return mid Summer, and will be epic. Stay tuned for details.

Who comes to BangOn! events?

One of things that makes BangON special and successful (i think) is that its inclusive. Everyone is about having a good time, no posing, not even the models. some parties feel really cultish and i don’t think you get that at BangON, even though we’ve had celebrities, models, EDM crowd, young professionals, burning man crowd – everybody co-mingles and lets loose!

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