Wim Wenders Directs Futuristic Love Story for Ferragamo Autumn-Winter 2021 Collection

If several makes a trend, it’s possible to discern that coming out of seventeen months of a deadly pandemic, art and fashion genuinely want to help us feel good again. In the past couple of weeks alone we’ve debuted decidedly uplifting tracks from GARZA (Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation) and SOFI TUKKER + Amadou & Mariam. And the Fall 2021 campaign film from Balenciaga imagines a heartwarming chance connection between two strangers in a virtual reality realm.

Continuing down that hopeful path, Ferragamo has teamed up with legendary, three-time-Oscar-nominated filmmaker Wim Wenders (Wings of Desire, Until the End of the World) for a futuristic love story that is nothing if not utterly enchanting. Shot at the 366,000 square meter CityLife Milano complex – which looks sort of like it could have been built in the 23rd Century – the short film tellingly titled A Future Together depicts the story of a director and a boom operator (the actor playing the latter looks quite like a young Vince Clarke of Erasure) who share an electric first glance on a film set, which may just blossom into something more, considering their palpable chemistry. It helps, certainly, that everyone looks so smashing, dressed head-to-toe in the Italian fashion house’s strikingly colorful Autumn-Winter 2021 collection.

Curiously enough, the characters in this near future are actually filming a sci-fi movie taking place in the farther future, making it all very conceptually meta. Wenders himself makes an astute observation that so many depictions of the time that lies in the distance before us (save for a cartoon like The Jetsons) tend to be grim or even apocalyptic.

“Developing a positively energetic story inside the framework of a futuristic setting is a challenge,” he explains, “at a time when the future is generally regarded as bleak and dystopian. But sometimes, when the cards are stacked up against you and you have to fight many obstacles, the result can achieve an extra aura of beauty. This was definitely the case at our Ferragamo shoot.”

But surely we’ve had enough bleakness in the last year-and-a-half to last us several lifetimes. And it turns out a chance shift in the Northern Italian weather greatly influenced the mood of the filming – which could almost be taken as a metaphor for our emergence from these terrible pandemic conditions.

Wenders recalls, “Not only did the sun break through the gray sky of Milan, so that the futuristic sites could show their best potential, but also our two young stars were luminous and enchanted. Most of all the collection, when it was finally revealed and worn by the actors, turned out more radiant and spectacular than in our wildest dreams. All we had to do as a film team was to capture that sudden explosion of glorious beauty in front of us.”

For our part, we’ll take all the glorious beauty we can get right now.



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