The New Dior Alps Collection is a Most Excellent Reason to Return to the Slopes This Season

Images by Estelle Hanania

A 2018 Gallup Poll revealed that 54% of Americans believe global warming will not cause major problems within their lifetimes – leading one to wonder if they’ve somehow completely missed the shocking rise in natural disasters over the last six decades. Summer of 2021 has indeed been the absolute hottest since temperatures first began being recorded – and we’re guessing that trend won’t be reversing any time…ever.

That same climate change reality has specifically decreased snow cover and significantly shortened the ski season in some parts of the Alps, a worrying situation if ever. So we highly approve of celebrating, while we still can, the ineffable beauty of surely the most majestic mountain range anywhere in the world. And that’s precisely what the campaign for the new Dior Alps ski wear capsule collection is all about.

The French fashion house has long been committed to assuring that we can swish down the slopes in style, even doing a regular series of ski wear pop-up boutiques – and the Alps collection is surely their most statement-making yet. Standing out is the classic Dior Mizza leopard print, for those who prefer something a bit more feral. Otherwise, the bold reds, whites and blues feel racing ready, but super chic as well for après cocktails in the lodge. (Who has time to change?)

There’s also a very mod looking ultra-matte ski mask, and the rockstar-worthy sunglasses are perfect for maintaining a cool bit of secrecy and mystery, both indoors and out. The appearance of the oblique motif makes it all so unmistakably Dior.

In the accompanying film, models Eleonore Ghiuritan, Sculy Mejia and Yuki van Gog are sledding (those groovy little plastic ones), waving enthusiastically to passing helicopters, swinging each other around wildly, and just generally having a ball romping about in the snow – perhaps to remind us that the Dior Alps collection isn’t just for those with the proper swooshing skills. But its also just the sort of inspiration we need, after nineteen months of anxiety-filled lockdowns and travel restrictions, to book the next flight and return to the powdery thrills of Chamonix, Courchevel or Zermatt. We’ll be the ones rocking the animal prints.



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