Six New Fragrances to Awe Your Senses This Autumn

Your personal scent is so much more than a piece of your personal branding; it’s a sensory element of your first impression and, if all goes well, a key factor in your lasting impression. Fragrances are the key to unlocking memories and evoking feelings of love, lust and nostalgia.

The scent that surrounds you can change your mood in an instant, lead you from one direction to another, and completely manipulate your emotions. It’s remarkable, really, how powerfully influential one bottle of fragrance can be. That’s why choosing your ideal scent is important to the impression you’ll be leaving on the world around you this aututmn.


The Revenge of Lady Blanche by Penhaligon’s

British fragrance house Penhaligon’s introduces their newest collection, Portraits, which hits stores this month. Based off fictional characters in the British aristocracy, there are four new scents that represent different members of the Portraits family. Lady Blanche, the matriarch, is refined and delicate without ever being bland. Her scent is a narcotic green floral with notes of Powdery orris, Narcissus flower and Hyacinth. Shamelessly opulent.


Apostate by Material Lust x Libertine Fragrance

Josh Smith, who founded Libertine Fragrance, is one of the rising tide of indie perfumers bored of what the big houses have to offer. Manhattan artist/designers Material Lust were enlisted to collaborate, and combining their ideals of rebellion, originality and equality – Apostate was born. The unisex scent, for body and home, is a blend of Moroccan rose, star anise, oak moss and soft black leather. Perfect for your inner Dennis Hopper, Grace Jones, Jim Morrison or Katherine Hepburn.


India Ink by Heretic Parfum

Heretic is a natural, artisanal, fragrance brand that develops scents based upon the mysterious, sensual and feral aspects of nature. The term “heretic” refers to one who betrays the accepted thinking to follow their own path. By using natural ingredients, Heretic scents bend and bond with your skin for a totally individual experience; and India Ink will help you capture the essence of fall and the coming winter with a blend sacred resins, woods and spices like clove, frankincense, amyris and agarwood.


I Feel Love by Cinnamon Projects

In this time of societal division, scent purveyors Cinnamon Projects felt compelled to explore the one feeling that is ultimately unifying: love. Their new unisex fragrance oil roller, I Feel Love, captures the essence of the change in seasons with a euphoric blend of iris, amber, leather, myrrh and oud. Titled after the pivotal collaboration between Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer, it is a wearable reminder of the political, artistic and sexual freedoms we may only achieve together.

Belle De Tanger by BYREDO

Belle de Tanger, the new fragrance from Byredo exclusively for Neiman Marcus, is evocative of fall’s more spicy and playful moments. It opens with Moroccan tangerine and zesty notes of bitter orange, with a spicy floral tone which is comprised of citrus oriental infused with piquant, bracing juniper berries then paired with the sparkling, lightly rosy tones of pink pepper. But at its heart is a rich woody tone, with earthy midnight violet,  nuances of powdery wild orris and refined saffron flower. Perfect for those who are not so much mysterious as wonderfully complex.



Rooted Oil by Noto Botanics

Noto Botanics was founded by makeup artist Gloria Noto, who is known on Los Angeles production sets for using her hand-mixed concoctions on her celebrity clientele. And as part of her recently launched eponymous line, she brings us the rich, smokey, unisexy Rooted Oil. Subtle hints of Bergamot and cardamom give this scent layers of grounding. With a base of argan oil and fractioned coconut oil, it can also be a nourishing hair oil.





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