Peekaboo! Naomi Watts Finds Something Shocking in Her Fendi Bag

Naomi Watts certainly knows a little something about shock and horror, having done screentime in such frightfests as Down, The Ring, and even a really bad Children of the Corn sequel in 1996. But her latest moment of terror is a decidedly more perplexing one.

Indeed, in a new short film for #FendiPeekaboo, she seems to be having a rather quotidian NYC day of watching TV, eating chocolate and lounging about on her very swank looking brown leather couch. Mind you, she’s doing it while decked head-to-toe in elegant Fendi white, with gorgeous, strappy pumps and Ferrari red gloves. But then, already on about her fourth outfit change for the day, she suddenly reaches into her Fendi Peekaboo bag, pulls out what would seem to be a harmless little white feather – and let’s out a scream that was surely heard all the way to the Italian fashion house’s Roma headquarters.

We still can’t quite discern the reason for Ms. Watts’ rather bloodcurdling – and quite convincing – banshee shriek. But we’re happy to say it all ends well, in bout of exuberant, wildly cathartic flailing to a soundtrack of Canadian duo HUMANS’ electro-pop charmer ‘Beggin.’ (We’re guessing the message here is pretty much, “F**k scary feathers – let’s dance!”)

But as it turns out, Ms. Watts actually has some pretty reasonable, even practical reasons for loving her Fendi Peekaboo.

“I love the colors! And it is a classic shape that’s very functional, whether you’re traveling with it or just using it as a day to-day bag. It just works.” 

It does! It really does.



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