Click to Drive: Literally Ride in the New Lincoln MKC from Your Desk Right Now

Take a break from your day, click this link, and hold on to your desk chair armrests. Wow. This incredible new interactive film by Lincoln for their new 2015 MKC—available this summer—is one of those rare advertising moments you want to play over and over again.


Talking in cinematic terms, it mixes a dream-like visual style (think Michel Gondry) with the frenetic adrenalin rush of a thriller (think Drive). The innovative transmedia story puts you inside (like, really, inside) their new impressive crossover. Not only cool to watch, Lincoln’s film provides an escape onto the road, allowing you to get behind the wheel before even taking a test drive.


Sure, every car ad wants you to feel like you’re really in the moment, but this one seriously transforms the way you can experience the 2015 MKC first-hand. Featuring 360 cameras that explore different aspects of the vehicle, you can use your cursor to navigate the film’s camera, thrusting you right alongside actor Sam Page as he chases down the streets of Los Angeles. With the sculpted and powerful sleekness of the vehicle and the smoothness of the ride, the cool vibe of the Dream Ride is echoed in the car’s luxury meets sports car design.


With the impressive torque of the MKC’s 2.3l ecoboost, as well as its Enhanced THX II Certified Audio, Drive Control, and Panoramic Vista Roof, you’ll find yourself totally engrossed in their virtual Dream Ride. What’s more, over the next few weeks, Andy Cohen, JohnnySwim, Kimatni Rawlins will also all go on Lincoln Dream Rides, sharing their experience with you over social media. So right now, head over to Lincoln’s site for your own Dream Ride.

And make sure to login through Facebook, and make sure to watch all the way through—the surreal twist at the end is the best part.


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