Chanel Opens Seasonal Boutiques in Saint Tropez + Bodrum

Above: Chanel Saint Tropez

First World problems, obviously. But there’s something about the timeless glam-o-rama of our favorite European resort towns that makes our hearts go pitter-patter. And knowing that they’re truly and fully open for business again just makes the world seem that little bit more fabulous – and boy do we need some fabulous right now.

Of course, extravagant shopping is so much a part of the experience. And Chanel has just thrown open the doors on seasonal boutiques in Saint Tropez and Bodrum, just in time for the well turned out throngs to invade for spring and summer playtime. In the former, they have once again set up in the La Mistralée villa, which is veiled in white curtains and flooded with soft Mediterranean light. Inside, the exalted French fashion house’s signature colors prevail, with a prevalence of pinky beige, and touches of elegant black and white.

Throughout, references to Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s 31 rue Cambon Paris apartment prevail, including a replica of her legendary fawn velvet banquette. A zellīj (mosaic style) table displays handbags, and an iconic Goossens table exhibits various Chanel accessories…while consoles hold the latest J12, Première and BOY-Friend watches. And, well, it’s surely the only boutique on the French Riviera with its own swimming pool.

Above from top: Chanel Bodrum; Chanel Saint Tropez

Over in Turkey, the glam resort Bodrum has become totally of-the-moment, with celebs like Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss, Mick Jagger and even Volodymyr Zelenskyy (in better days, obviously) having marked holiday time there. Many stay at the super plush Paradise Bay located Mandarin Oriental, which has been an a-lister magnet since debuting in 2014 – not least because of its breathtaking Aegean views. And the new Chanel boutique is set right in the gardens of the hotel.

The building itself is handsomely constructed of local travertine stone and wood, and a striking black and white double C logo boldly announces its identity. An entirely glass frontage allows for those aforementioned sea views to be enjoyed while browsing Chanel’s latest, and there’s also a balcony and a terrace for taking a sun-soaked pause. In fact, an interior color palette of white and beige is meant to sort of mimic the sun and sand.

As for the goods, the selection of shoes and handbags includes the new Chanel 22 bag, and glass-topped podiums display Coco Crush jewelry. Elsewhere, the Spring/Summer 22 Ready-to-Wear, 21/22 Métiers d’art, and exclusive Coco Beach 22 collections will all be available.

This being Chanel, of course, even if you’re not ready to splurge for that gorgeous new 22 bag, these two new boutiques are most definitely worth visiting even for a lazy afternoon of browsing.

Above from top: Chanel Saint Tropez; Chanel Bodrum; Chanel Saint Tropez x2

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