Burberry Lunar New Year Collection Celebrates the Strength of the Tiger

We certainly appreciate that some of the top fashion houses took a more playful approach to celebrating the Chinese New Year in 2022 (which arrives on February 1). Indeed, Moschino teamed up with none other than Tony the Tiger for a collab that was positively grrreat! And Etro put the Tigress from Kung Fu Panda front and center of its fabulously feline capsule collection.

But Burberry has taken a more solemn approach, with a Lunar New Year collection that exalts the eternal strength of the great Tiger.

The Chinese Zodiac dates back more than 2000 years to the Qin Dynasty, when the Jade Emperor staged a great race between the animals. Perhaps overconfident, the Tiger actually ended up placing third to the cunning Rat and the determined Ox. Still, in the ensuing centuries, the Tiger has come to represent beauty, strength and generosity, all qualities we could use as much as possible of following two years of fear and anxiety. And the Burberry collection seeks to embody these qualities as a powerful but beautiful stylistic statement.

Particularly striking are the orange-hued, tiger-striped Lola Bag, which is feral and feminine at once, and a bold, tiger-printed knit set that is nothing short of statement making. The collection also includes a Burberry Heritage Trench, Italian woven nylon jackets, cashmere scarves and sneakers.

The gorgeously shot accompanying campaign, by Chinese photographer Feng Li, stars models Yang ling, Liu Bingbing, Wang Xiangguo and Liu Chunjie – all of whom seem to have tapped decisively into the stoic fortitude of the Tiger, perfectly conveying the essence of the fashions themselves.

Of course, as we head into another year plagued by yet more coronavirus surges, we can only hope to summon the courage and determination that the Tiger embodies. And thanks to Burberry, we’ve got a little head start.



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