Anatomy of a Stylish Campaign: The Cosmopolitan Hotel Vegas’ ‘Behind Closed Doors’


It was really just a matter of time, surely, that this deep into the age of the boutique hotel, the advertising campaigns created around them would catch up decisively in sophistication. 

To wit, The Cosmopolitan of Las VegasBehind Closed Doors, which brings together industry heavy hitters like hotshot director and Emmy-winner Steve Fuller, of Mad Men and Nurse Jackie fame, together with set designer Susan Linss – who has worked with Kanye, Rihanna and Mariah Carey – and badass Brit photographer Sophy Holland. 

Focusing attention on the property’s chicly remodeled rooms (part of a recent $100 million upgrade), Behind Closed Doors takes us through one highly stylized space after another. Each visually sumptuous scenario – replete with gorgeous humans doing appropriately gorgeous things – draws the viewer deeper into the heart of The Cosmopolitan universe. When asked about the inspiration behind the hotel’s latest, glitter-fueled video, CMO Tom Evans remarks that it’s “still consistent with luxury with a wink and polished without pretense. We haven’t gotten away from that. We aren’t old or stuffy. We want people to be themselves.” Sure, themselves and then some. After all, what happens in Vegas is, as ever, synonymous with what happens behind closed doors.



Running across digital channels, the splashy campaign can also be seen on billboards in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. But purposely not choosing to have it appear on broadcast channels – based on today’s viewing habits – the only way you’ll catch the 60-second spot on your TV is with Hulu and Roku digital streaming devices. Evans elaborates that they “create impact through really striking visuals, head turning music and setting the tone through high production quality and beauty.” 

Much of that onscreen beauty emanates from the mind of Fuller. As a director, “I come from the world of graphic design, so when I shoot I often see things in a very ‘graphic’ way. Some of the best photographic imagery is very clean and minimal – more about shape and silhouette than anything else.”

He continues, “There is a bit of that thinking in The Cosmopolitan spot. Creating color-schemes is also important. The colors in each room are very controlled. There are some real gems in there like the cupcake girl’s earrings. The pullback at the end was a last minute idea that probably came from my design background, and my experience doing title sequences. It needed a great ‘wrap-up’ and it wound up being one of the best moments in the spot.” We couldn’t agree more.



And the woman responsible for the look of all those swoon-worthy rooms, Susan Linss, shared her experience in helping shape Behind Closed Doors. She revealed that “the most exciting – and dizzying – part of working on The Cosmopolitan’s new campaign for me was that there were no creative limitations. I felt complete freedom in my creativity and vision. That’s when the best things come to life. I was able push it further.”

And given that The Cosmopolitan is by far the strip’s haute-est hotel experience, the world-renowned set designer says, “I was looking for chic, stylish, seductive imagery and a color palette that would translate [to The Cosmopolitan brand] and create the mood. Color is so important as is lighting. We are creating a mood and emotion.”

We surely concur – the mood is decidedly sultry and the emotion, pure pleasure.





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