Pleasantly Quirky: The Creative Nature of #LFW

New York Fashion Week lasts eight days, not counting the designers who squeeze presentations in before and after the official dates, meaning there are hundreds upon hundreds of collections to be seen that “week”. In comparison, London lasts a short five days, sending editors across the Atlantic without a moment for breath. Some would skip the abbreviated London shows in order to make it to Milan in time, but London is giving us more and more reason to land at Heathrow.  


In New York, trends gather. Oxford shirts, black and white, use of lamé… in London, everything is different. What it has in common is that unique London verve.


For instance, no one does prints the way that Mary Katrantzou does prints. With such captivating visuals, you’d think that would be enough – slap it on an A-line dress and call it a day – but instead, Katrantzou takes it further. Why not repurpose a lampshade as a skirt? She’s done it before. For spring, she showed excessive ruffles, and details of leather shoes, blown up almost beyond recognition. Though the prints are consistently present every season, she’s also consistently surprising us. It’s never predictable.

Mary Katrantzou/ @elnazyazdani

J.W. Anderson went for nude this season, his first look showing a sheer babydoll dress sized for a toddler and worn as a top, with a similarly styled skirt for coverage, if you’d consider it that. Strategically placed bows over whisper sheer fabric made up the top of half of one dress, with chevron sculpted fabric below. This collection was not wanting for texture.

JW Anderson / @alexcarl


Worth a mention: Antonio Berardi’s pretty collection, which, though it was awfully pink, wasn’t so sweet as it was cool. Inventive silhouettes, mullet hemlines, crocodile embossing next to leopard spots, and did I catch a hint of Renaissance flair? Just a hint though. It all melded together perfectly, making it impossible not to notice.

Antonio Berardi

Christopher Kane continued his wildly imaginative streak. Teardrop shaped cutouts lain on their sides, holographic footwear, strategic sheer paneling, cartoonish flowers, and what looked like watercolor painted tinsel all traipsed down the runway. Requisite fashion sweatshirt and pleated midi skirt aside, it didn’t look like anything anyone else was doing. Which is the case for most of those who showed in London. Individuality, uniqueness, creativity – that spirit of London is so pervasive in its clothing, making London Fashion Week all the more exciting. 


Christopher Kane/@bof

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