How to Eat Heidi Klum & Other Celebrity Foods

There’s a long, hallowed, and profitable tradition of American celebrities endorsing commercial products — especially if they can snag a check overseas for endorsing crackers or soda or udon noodles without freaking out their American fans. Somewhat rarer are celebs turning their personal brand into a product brand, with the notable exception of fragrances (even Justin Bieber couldn’t stay away from that honey pot).Even rarer still are celebs willing to lend their name to food products, since there’s just something about eating food named after a person that makes it hard to take person seriously. Or any more seriously than before.

Perhaps the most succesful food-related product is Mr. George Forman and his mighty Grill empire, pictured lovingly above. There are others of course, of which this is just a partial list. To further explore the juxtaposition of celebrity brand and food product, we thought it illustrative to … illustrate these relationships by way of the "At First I Was Like" meme form, perhaps most perfectly captured in the seminal Ice Cube example. Enjoy.

Heidi Klum’s Fruit Flirtations

Heidi Klum fruit candy


Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt

Steven Seagal Lightning Bolt Drink

Paul Newman’s Salad Dressing

Paul Newman salad dressing


Kenny Rogers’ Roasters

Kenny Rogers Roasters


Francis Ford Coppola Wine, Pasta Sauce

Francis Cord Coppola wine pasta sauce

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