3 Nude (Not Naked) Nails to Get You Through Fashion Week

Here comes fashion week. Oh and freezing rain, and the streets have flooded with the resulting sludge… so in case you already didn’t feel there was enough to contend with (footwear, anyone?! and how many great coats can one gal have?) the usual concerns are still there. Like nail polish, and the fact that reaching into various tote bags and purses 19 thousand times per day doesn’t help a manicure to last and last. But at least Hunter boots don’t require buckles, am I right?

Considering there isn’t a minute to breathe when the shows commence, choosing a nail color that can get you through the week (and life, really, even if you’re not rushing from venue to venue) is of the utmost. Neutral is the way to go in case of chips (and for the most discreet of amateur touch ups), but boring is not. That’s why I did a little research on some of the best nude non-nudes (i.e. nudes with a little kick) to see us through.

Deborah Lippmann’s Diamonds and Pearls

Because diamonds (and pearls) are a girl’s best friend, and this so-shimmery-it’s-shiny clear polish with an orangey pick up is the shit. There it is above on Lupita Nyong’o with a mani by Ms. Lippmann herself.

Fluorescent Beige by Marc Jacobs

It veers toward mauve. It dries in nano seconds. It’s Marc Jacobs. You’ve never met a cooler nude (ish. Nude ish).



Clinique‘s nude nail polishes — pick a shade, any shade.

For any skin tone, Clinique has a milk-opaque nude to match. Or go off-color for something right on.

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 2.42.51 PM

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