Freezing? Warm up with an Ultra Luxe, Heated Facial in 5 Glorious Steps

I’ve just come back from a few sunny weeks in California, and even though I love New York, I’m not at all pleased to be greeted by 23 degrees and snow. Are you? I mean, snow is one thing when there’s skiing involved, a fireplace, “adult” hot cocoa, a robe and slippers. Brushing the salt off my boots only seems worth it if I’m headed somewhere very warm, and locally, that would be LING.

Enjoying spa life is not hard, of course, it’s just getting there in this weather. But friends, let me tell you about a treatment devised by the beautiful minds at LING (with locations both in Union Square and on the Upper West Side,) that involves a Tourmaline-powered chi infusion that warms you right up. Wherever you’re coming from, the trek is very, very worth it.

A few things you need to know:

1. Tourmaline: this crystal produces more energy than any other in the world. With the limited sunlight, the more energy we can get elsewhere, the better. This + a heat machine is used in the 20 minute treatment focused on the back, neck, and shoulders at the beginning of this luxurious facial. Consider yourself warmed and prepped.

2. Drainage + Digestion: Doesn’t sound nice, but it is. After the heat treatment enables lymphatic drainage, your LING facialist applies a papaya enzyme peel designed to “digest” any of the icky stuff — impure skin, city grime, what have you. #fresherthanyou

3. Clarity: Who couldn’t use more? Next up is an herbal clarifying mask. Detox those pores, baby!

4. Moisture: It’s the essence of wetness, you know. Given the dry winter air + your punishing radiator, hydration is key for beautiful skin. LING knows. That’s why there’s an herbal moisturizing mask with ginseng in this series of glorious facial treatments.

5. More Tourmaline: This time, it’s tourmaline for ya face. Far infrared technology + the stone’s healing energy partner to help your now supple skin absorb all the goodness of LING’s anti aging creams: Apple Stem Cell and DNA DoNotAge (ok I won’t!) Cellular Youth Extension Cream. All of this stimulates collagen growth (and keeps you getting carded forever.)

Stay warm, stay beautiful, and get more Treat Yo Self here.

The Energy Lift Facialis available at LING Skin Care Union Square (12 East 16th Street) and LING Skin Care Upper West Side (105 W. 77th Street)

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