How to Look Like Gigi Hadid in 3 Steps

Gigi Hadid, goddess and model, has just been announced as the face of Topshop AND MaxMara. She’s stunning pretty much always, but it’s the super’s ’90s-perfect look from the Topshop ad that we’re gunning for. Easy hair, simple black liner, and that particular shade of lipstick which is so very Bobbi Brown Rum Raisin… makes me wanna score a vintage tube real bad. Fortunately, there’s no ebay scouring required. This is how to get Gigi Hadid’s Topshop look.

Step 1

First, grow out your roots. Then, wash your hair, and let it air dry after turning upside down and spritzing in some surf spray. We’re really into David Mallett’s Australian Salt Spray, which incorporates gourmet-worthy Murray River Salt from South Wales, Australia (yes, it’s fancy). Scrunch like you did in the ’90s and shake it out. Rest assured that your hair will dry sans stickiness or crunch (’90s textures we’ll gladly leave in the dust). This style gets better with a few days worth of wear.


Step 2

Ladies of the ’90s, you remember Bobbi Brown’s cult shade of lipstick. For those of you who aren’t already intimately acquainted with Black Honey, consider this your formal introduction. Did the makeup artist on Gigi’s Topshop shoot swipe Black Honey on? We’re inclined to believe yes, but either way, it’s pretty exact.


Step 3

Grab yourself some liquid eyeliner — we like Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Jet Black. Subtle cat eye optional.


Now go land yourself an ad campaign or two, girl!

Photos of Gigi Hadid in the Topshop fall 2015 campaign courtesy of Topshop

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