Be a Bey at the Barre: What You Wear is All That Matters

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Hitting the bar(re) has no obvious meaning around here. We like bars, sure, but we may in fact, spend more time at the barre. Another thing we (and everyone else, ever) likes? Beyonce. Combining the two in any capacity is an easy sell.

At Physique 57’s original 57th street location, we met our adorable instructor, Ashley, who dressed up for the occasion in a sequined top! A disco light helped set the mood and we tucked our bums exclusively to Bey jams. Being fashion editors we were ready to capitalize on the opportunity. Themed classes call for theme outfits.

We turned to Stylestalker for our amazing matching tanks (sure, we may have gotten some weird stares but we thought we were #FLAWLESS), flipping our hair and shaking our hips, all while pulsing and squatting and whatnot. After all, the outfit makes the workout.

bey barre

After the workout with our teacher, Ashley.

dont worry be yonce

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Alyssa is wearing new Nike leggings which have top-notch waistband technology to stay up (important for booty shaking), and Nike Frees

Sara is wearing Athleta crops and popped on Athleta to-and-from pants for the ride home. Her sneakers are Vince and the easiest ever. 

Queen Bey, we hope you’d be proud.

For more information on fun themed barre classes to amp up your workout motivation, check out Physique57!

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