’50 Shades’ Head Makeup Artist Tells Us How to Get the Sexiest Anastasia Steele Beauty Looks

Still from 50 Shades of Grey

We know what you’re thinking when you watch those Bey-scored, drama filled, 30-second previews of the soon to be released 50 Shades of Grey film: “How do I get Ana Steele‘s beauty look?”

Okay, so maybe not. Maybe you’re busy looking at Jamie Dornan‘s pecs or wondering if the two stars hate each other as much as the rumor mill might have you believe. But here’s the thing: both kink and makeup are in fact, both, all about fantasy. As such, makeup could in fact be just the entrée you need for a Valentine’s Day date unlike any you’ve ever been on before.

So we’re going all out. 50 Shades of Make Up For Ever, Anastasia Steele style; from the young naïf to the red-room expert–it’s all here, with exclusive tips from Victoria Down, makeup department head for the movie–she’s responsible for all of Dakota Johnson’s looks throughout the film…We’ll break it down, step-by-step.


So Victoria, what are the key products to achieve the Anastasia Steele look?

Throughout the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, the most important focus for Anastasia’s look were both her cheeks and lips. For the cheeks, I used pink-y, rosy MAKE UP FOR EVER blush colors because they can be easily blended throughout the cheek, and even across the forehead, chin, and jawline, for a fresh glow-from-within look.

The light pink, coral, and darker pink hues were terrific complements to Ana’s complexion and helped to showcase her transformation from an innocent college girl, uninterested in makeup, to that of a much more sophisticated beauty. Ana’s lip look was a big makeup focus throughout the movie. To give her lips a natural flush, I applied a tiny bit of gloss to the center of her lower lip to add sheen for those stained lip close-ups. To achieve Ana’s high lip vinyl shine, use the sexy threesome of MAKE UP FOR EVER’S Tease Me Lip Trio!

nude lip

How does one amp up their beauty look for a night with a Christian Grey-type date?

In my mind, smoky eyes are everything! They’re a great way to look a little more seductive for a night with a Christian Grey-type date. Apply dark shadows on your eyes, smoke them out, add liner, pack on mascara, and brighten up your lip color. Just sex it up a bit and be bold!

Can you share tips for using the blush palette in the collection?

As Ana’s character transformed, I used the trio of MAKE UP FOR EVER Desire Me kit blushes to evolve the contours of her face. Blush application and shades took her from a youthful, healthy glow to a more highlighted cheek look, culminating in more a classic cheek look. By mixing, blending and using each blush shade in certain areas of the face, Ana’s transformation truly came to life.

desire me blush

MAKE UP FOR EVER Desire Me Cheek Set

(continued) To create Ana’s healthy glow, I used a darker pink blush, which I blended out across the apples of the cheeks, on the nose, and a little on the chin and hairline. It gave the appearance of a healthy flush from under the skin and not like applied blush. Then, to create Ana’s highlighted cheek look, I used a light amount of pink and coral blushes dusted very lightly under the cheek bone as a contouring face tool.

Can you share tips for using the eye shadow palette in the collection?

To achieve Ana’s “no-makeup” makeup look, I used taupe colors like MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow #S-556 in the MAKE UP FOR EVER Give In To Me set. I used a small amount and smudged it into the upper and lower lash lines for a natural wide-eyed look. To unlock Ana’s empowered look–her makeup as she gets more involved with Christian Grey–I shaded her eyes a little deeper and stronger using darker browns like MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow #I-628.



Any other insider tips for using the products in the collaboration?

I like how versatile the MAKE UP FOR EVER Tease Me Passionate Berry Lip Trio. There are several ways to wear the gorgeous colors to complement any skin tone. For a light, stained berry lip, apply Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil #10C along the edge of the lip line and blend inward, then add Lab Shine Lip Gloss #D4.  Or, replace the gloss with the exclusive Aqua Rouge #50, a waterproof, long-lasting liquid lip stain, and finish with the clear gloss that’s included for a more intense color. Experiment, mix the products, find your own comfort level, and never be afraid of color!

berry lip

MAKE UP FOR EVER Tease Me Passionate Berry Lip Trio

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