WATCH: Exclusive SXSW Video Footage From ‘Treble House’

SXSW has been arguably overwhelmed with corporate-sponsored events and parties. But what if someone tried to get it back to its essence: bringing together musicians to celebrate creativity?

And so it was that innovative music networking site Treble (check out the Treble app) organized the fittingly named Treble House, sponsored by JBL Audio and Shure, this past week in Austin – which turned into, well, a massive house party. We caught up with Founder Matt Bond for a chat about it.


What inspired the SXSW Treble House?

I hatched the idea a month and a half ago with our friends from Ear2Ground, Babes Only, Just Chicago, and a few other grassroots collectives we love working with.  We just wanted to create a place where artists could feel at home. During SXSW, there’s no where in Austin where artists can step away from the overcrowded masses 6th street and just hang out with each other and create. And thats what Treble is all about.
Back in New York, we have this amazing growing community of artists and musicians on the platform. Our “users” sit beside our developers and designer in product meetings. They organize and run our live events.  There’s a really unique energy, a true family atmosphere within Treble, and I think those vibes are very needed at SXSW.


Who were some of the musicians that showed up?

Taylor Bennett, Oshun, Supa BWE, Mullally, HoodRich Pablo, Squid Nice, Monte Booker, Smino, Andre Power (cofounder of Soulection)…we even had local musicians come by with violins and guitars to lay down some funky vibes in the studio. It was quite the smattering of talent.


Some of the highlights?

The House Party was very wild. Everyone was blown away by The Skins’ performance. My personal highlight was watching all up and coming artists on Treble thrive. ClicheRiz La VieSol88th Key, Kaisson, J Factor. These guys have been supporting our platform since day 1, so to have them come out to Austin with us and tear it up on stage and in the stu alongside big name artists was a blessing. Made me feel like a proud dad.


What is Treble’s overall “mission?”

Right now, the ground floor of the music industry is a massive, fast-growing pool of people and talent resources with no real infrastructure to connect them. Treble’s goal is to create that infrastructure. We want to help artists easily discover collaborators, find talent resources, and navigate the global music-making world. And we’re just getting started…


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