Trailer: Why Grownups Really Need to Go See ‘Addams Family 2’

We get it. With 649,000 American deaths from COVID+variants in the last eighteen months, no one wants to see more misery being projected onto either the small or big screens. Rather, we are in want of entertainment that just makes us feel, you know…better (apparently, sales of Kafka novels are way, way down).

But this reality has so badly blurred our cultural sense of judgment, that somehow nearly everyone has convinced themselves that Ted Lasso, the most cringeworthily goofy, painfully clichéd, utterly unfunny, and just plain insufferable hit Apple TV series about – no way! – a gosh darn lovable American football coach bumbling his way through coaching that other kind of football in Richmond, UK is actually great television. That it was nominated for 20 Emmys just goes to show how widespread the delusion has come to be.

So we would like to make a plea for some sanity, suggesting you cancel your Apple subscription immediately – especially as the second trailer has just been released for the new animated sequel Addams Family 2…and it looks like an absolute fun, fun, fun riot. First, there’s the cast, with Charlize Theron voicing Morticia, and Oscar Isaac as Gomez. Snoop Dogg is Cousin Itt, which pretty much seals it; and he’s joined also by Nick Kroll, Bill Hader, Chloë Grace Moretz as Wednesday and Javon Walton as Pugsley.

As the trailer opens, we see Wednesday reciting a spell in Latin, which then brings the stultifying response, “Hello? English please?,” from some snotty little kid. Wednesday then sneeringly remarks, “I’m surrounded by idiots” – a quote which so perfectly captures our real life socio-political zeitgeist (yes, we’re talking about you, Greg Abbott and Marjorie Taylor Greene).

The main storyline? Those creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky Addams’ are going on a…”normal” vacation, with Gomez pointing out to the fam, “You’ve always wanted to see more of this great country.” And again we’re reminded that in actual reality we’re pretty much stuck with domestic travel until this Delta Variant can finally be gotten under control – another zeitgeist direct hit! The plot thickens as Uncle Fester drops a hint that Wednesday may just have gotten mixed up with another baby at the hospital of her birth…and surely all kinds of hilarious drama and trauma will ensue from there.

What we’ve always really loved about the Addams Family was that for all that kooky/spooky iconoclasm, their love for each other has never really wavered. And that’s really what we need more of right now – families sticking together through anything this cruel world has to throw at them. Indeed, when Gomez enthuses, “This trip will bring the Addams’ closer than ever before,” you know that whatever happens along the way, he’ll end up being right.

Oh, and somewhere in all of this, Pugsley blows up the Grand Canyon. Awesome.

Addams Family 2 arrives in theaters via MGM on October 1.

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