The 10 Best TV Quotes of 2016

Unless you live under a rock, you know two things about 2016: firstly, it was a real-life nightmare, and secondly, it was packed with some really incredible television. It would be impossible to give a definitive list of the best zingers of the year – there’s too much TV and too many one-liners to ever be able to narrow it down to double digits. But, for brevity’s sake, we’ve done our best. So, below, enjoy ten of our favorite lines from 2016’s year of TV:

Shelly on ‘Transparent’


Ok, wow. Shelly singing “One Hand in My Pocket” on Transparent season 3’s finale was one of the most emotional and heartwarming moments of the year. Truly incredible: “I’m brave but I’m chickenshit.”

Bojack on ‘Bojack Horseman’


At the end of an entirely wordless underwater episode, which, incidentally, was recently named the best episode of television in 2016 by TIME magazine, Bojack realizes he’s been able to talk the whole time by pressing a button – hence: “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.”

Sam Bee on ‘Full Frontal’

Sam Bee is the powerful, no-shits-given, uncensored voice we needed during this nightmarish election season. One choice zinger that comes to mind: “Let’s just have a Supreme Court vacancy for a year because some chinless dildo wants a justice who will use his gavel to plug up your abortion hole.”

Maeve on ‘Westworld’


If anyone has proven the surprise queen on TV this year, it’s Maeve, who, in the course of her self-actualization and decision to escape her theme-park home, ups her brain function to full capacity. Turning to the Westworld employees helping her on her journey, she smirks, and says, “Dear boys. We’re going to have some fun, aren’t we?”

Earn on ‘Atlanta’

Atlanta proved to be one of the most compelling, real shows of the year, as made clear by this line from Earn: “This spooky thing called slavery happened and my entire ethnic identity was erased.”

Hannah on ‘Girls’


Girls season 5 was one of the best the show has ever seen, and Hannah in particular was on fire. While she had a lot of great gems this season, we decided to go with the simple, hilarious “I’ve been eating Bugles my whole life, and I still don’t know if I even like them, it’s just something to do.”

Eleven on ‘Stranger Things’

We’d be remiss if we left off our girl Eleven from this list. While she was never very wordy, what she did manage to mumble always rang true. Like this gem: “Friends don’t lie.” Short, elegant, and a little menacing – just like Eleven!

Alec Baldwin on ‘SNL’


Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of Trump on SNL is already legendary, and historic thanks to Trump’s backlash. The most iconic moment? Probably when Baldwin-as-Trump kissed a KKK costume onstage, and called him “Sweetie.”

Vicky on ‘The Characters’


John Early is slaying this year – he’s been in a million movies and is a lead role in Search Party on TBS. But he’s been our lord and savior since his Characters episode, when he stole our hearts as Vicky, barking: “Honey, I’m serious, I’m looking for my denim.”

Arya Stark on ‘Game of Thrones’

Game of Thrones was craaaazy this year. And while Arya has always been close to our heart, we have to admit we were kind of over her giving up her identity to be an assassin. So we’re so happy to hear her decide to go a different route in life, and proclaim proudly: “A girl is Arya Stark, and I’m going home.”

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