New Fontaines D.C. Single ‘Jackie Down the Line’ is All Dark and Brooding

Following in the grand tradition of British Uni(versity) students assembling cerebral, high-minded rock bands – see also Radiohead, Blur, Pink Floyd, etc. – Fontaines D.C. flounced out of Dublin music school in the mid-teens, their provocative 2019 debut album Dogrel going on to capture the attention of everyone in the vicinity of the British Isles with Fall and Wire songs on their Spotify.

Combining razor sharp post-punk grooves with snotty rock and a general sense of philosophical grandiosity (they do share cultural touchstones with Bono and Oscar Wilde, after all), the five Fontaines seemed poised for global domination when they plowed through nine (yes, nine) buzz-generating shows at SXSW in March of that same year. But their much hyped appearance at the 50th anniversary of Glastonbury was decisively thwarted by that whole coronavirus thing. But then spitting directly in the face (Do virus’ have faces?) of COVID, they intrepidly released A Hero’s Death in 2020, which lost the Best Rock Album Grammy to The Strokes by surely just a hair.

Seemingly unstoppable, their third album, the curiously titled Skinty Fia (It’s an old Irish swear meaning “the damnation of the deer” – uh huh.), is coming April 22. And judging from first single ‘Jackie Down the Line’, F.D.C. will be once again making all their art-damaged fans swoon. The track is a dark, Smiths-worthy rocker with sinister, stalkery overtones, which we can imagine becoming a winter “anthem” for both artfully brooding youngsters and their Britpop loving dads.

“Something happens in the morning
When I can’t see those failing eyes
I can’t find a good word for ya
Does it come as a surprise?”

Of course not.

Best of all, if some new “variant” doesn’t ultimately come along and kill us all, the Fontaines gents will be taking to the road for the better part of the year, with gigs in Stockholm, Philadelphia, Montreal…even Utrecht and Luxembourg. So catch them somewhere before they become so big they’ll have no choice but to start collabing with Ariana Grande and Megan Thee Stallion – and you know how that goes.

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