Photo Diary: On Tour With Milo Greene

We built this city….we built this city on smog and knolls. I <3 LA.

Our have spent the past two months touring the states to promote their sophomore album, Control. While there’s nothing better than getting to see these guys live in action across the States, we were able to have the guys nab a few photos on the road and backstage, giving a sneak peek into one of Los Angeles’ most noteworthy and exciting exports from the last few years. Check out the photos below, as well as the new album.

1 Coming home mid-tour got me all zzzzz.

3Seattle. For the 2nd time in Milo history, I broke a bass string. For the 426th time, I got really sweaty. Photo by Sunita Martini

Custom Milo bottles from Best Coast Wines at our San Francisco show.

5Glitching out and geeking out before Conan.

6Nothing like coming home to your creepy friends mid-tour.

Screen shot 2015-03-04 at 12.08.26 PMWalked 4 miles around Portland and all I got was this photo….and some beer….and some udon….and some really good coffee.

Screen shot 2015-03-04 at 12.08.33 PM
The long road to Salt Lake Glitchy.


Pre-tour rehearsal at the echoplex in LA.

13 Walked into Amoeba in San Francisco and found this good looking vinyl!

14 Our sound tech, Hanford, snapped this pic from behind the soundboard at the Independent in San Francisco.

15 Hanford takes a break from mixing at the Sonos studio in Portland to pose for a quick pic.

16 Portland!!!

17 Janelle at the Bridgehouse Bed and Breakfast is our #1 road mom. We find the best food and comfiest beds at her place in Redding, CA.

18 Sometimes you are driving down the freeway and a bearing blows out on your trailer 🙁
19Andrew, aka DD, takes a ride on this quarter operated bad boy while our trailer gets fixed.

20 #selfietime

21 Robbie’s birthday in Omaha on our day off. We’re blurning to fly.

22 Early morning in Evanston, WY – cold as F&$K.

23 Never know what’s gonna happen on the lonely eyes tour – in KC – DD was replaced by Nicolas Cage!

24  I could explain this one – but you wouldn’t believe me.

25 Milo Greene never passes up any opportunity to hit the hot tub. Never.

26 Gotta stay fit on the road!

27Graham pretends to look at something off in the distance.

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