Photo Diary: Check Out the Unfiltered Lives of Highly Suspect’s Johnny Stevens + Rich and Ryan Meyer

Photo via Highly Suspect

Brooklyn rock trio Highly Suspect first caught my attention with the release of their feisty, hard-hitting love track “Lydia.” Lead singer Johnny Stevens’ rap-like cadence over angsty guitar shreds reminded me of what Lil Wayne tried for with his 2010 release Rebirth, in which he struggled to lend Hip-Hop swagger to Rock n Roll’s bedlam. Song after song, Highly Suspect seemed to fall into an impressively unique rhythmic flow, culminating in their striking debut album Mister Asylum

To celebrate the album’s release last Friday, we’ve asked Stevens and twins Rich and Ryan Meyer to show us the unfiltered lives of musicians on the brink of stardom through a personal photo journal for each. Take a look at the guys hanging out in their hometown of Cape Cod, snuggling with cats, and looking mighty fine at while hitting the gym, below. 


Here is Ryan holding Barry Jr. Barry Sr. gave our van (the monback) it’s official name which is slang for “come on back.”

Here’s me in P-town with tour manager Tim and his GF Cara ( I rescued her from his evil fishing line).

I was hanging out at Todd’s house and found this incredible painting, you just don’t see Louis Armstrong’s face enough these days.

I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never experienced anything like being handed my first vinyl. Looking at these for the first time is something I will certainly never forget.

Some of the crew back home on Cape Cod eating the freshest raw bar in the universe at the Sand Dollar. (Kitty Kat, Teebo, Kydiddy Queen of the City, Sean Jiggy John and Jaime Bondo with the middle finger.



I took a sweet downward hair selfy with my good friend Matt Kofos during the happy hour oyster/shrimp raw bar at the Sand dollar in Dennisport—then we took this upward hair selfy too.

I went back to my hometown to visit some friends and celebrate 4th of July. I found this neat spider crab during the fireworks.

I’ve been finding myself at beaches a lot this summer which is what I need. Beach life is everything. I’m pretty fucking Tan right now. It rules.

 Ive been working out when I can pull myself off the beach and trying to get in better shape for the upcoming tour. It really helps to perform if you’re in shape and there’s nothing that feels quite as good as a solid workout. 


I sat by the pool an drank. Pretty simple. That was awesome. Super important to relax before tour. Nobody likes a stiff!

IMG_2552Got my gym on as much as I could. It’s super important for me and helps so much when on the road. Especially when playing a physically demanding instrument. 

Hangout with tour manager Tim’s girlfriend and fam. Also my buddy josh to my left. Eat a bunch of seafood while I was home on cape cod. I love seafood. Delicious and nutritious.

Saw my parents cat Oliver. He was totally psyched to see me as I was him. We snuggled an napped together. Cute overload.

Had a couple a drinks with my good buddies while I was home. Nuff said. They’re awesome an can carry me anytime .


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