Neon Gold’s Lizzy Plapinger & Derek Davies on the Artists You Need to Be Listening to Right Now

When they founded Neon Gold Records back in 2008, not even Lizzy Plapinger or Derek Davies could have predicted how much extraordinary talent they’d help uncover. The company is creating quite a name for themselves by identifying some of the biggest and best new talents in the pop world long before they go mainstream with big albums and even bigger hits.

The two founders put together a playlist of acts they suggest we all listen to before they blow up. If their past is any indication, you should get to know these ten names pretty well.

1. Christine And The Queens – “Saint Claude”

Already at Sam Smith-level ubiquity in her native France, Christine And The Queens is about to be everywhere here too. Combining tight, plucked HAIM punctuation, Lorde-esque production and the throwback sweetness and poise of Peter Gabriel with a live show to make them all jealous, she’s our number one must-see tip for the week.

2. Tigertown – “Papernote”

Every year an unsigned band drops a big song in the lead up to SXSW and becomes the band everyone’s falling all over themselves to see all week. We’re pretty sure Tigertown are that band this year. One listen to their summer anthem-in-waiting “Papernote” and we had to have them on everything we were doing down there.

3. Catfish & The Bottlemen – “Cocoon”

There are very few good rock bands left in this world but Catfish & The Bottlemen are a VERY GREAT rock band. Their whole album is perfect…but there’s no moment better than the transcendent bridge that comes in at 2:50 in “Cocoon”.

4. Cathedrals – “Harlem” (BØRNS x Tommy English Remix)

Cathedrals and BØRNS are two of the hottest tips for SXSW 2015, and here they are united on one track in holy remix matrimony. Lush cinematic bliss.

5. Seinabo Sey – “Younger”

Seinabo Sey is without a doubt THE. VOICE. in this year’s SXSW class. One listen to instant classic debut single ‘Younger’ and it’s not hard to see why.

6. Alex Wiston – “Careless”

One of the most talented musicians we’ve ever met. Joanna Newsom meets PJ Harvey with top 40 hooks. This song is desperate and free at the same time.

7. Shamir – “On The Regular”

I absolutely cannot wait until Shamir is performing late night at festivals. His music falls somewhere between Donna Summer and LCD Summer but ultimately it feels like fresh modern pop music. His voice is iconic and he’s entirely lovable.

8. Ryn Weaver – “Sail On”

She has THE most incredible vocal—soaring and powerful while also being fragile and nuanced. I’m so excited to be hear the full album coming later this year. This girl is fire.

9. Verite – “Wasteland”

A rising star on the pop scene, her hypnotic and intricate vocal runs and biting lyrics will put you in a complete trance. Sweet on the surface, she has a sinister edge that will only draw you closer.

10. Tove Styrke – “Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You”

Cheeky bad ass attitude on lock. Tove makes fresh power pop that will be sure to get you moving.

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