Strong Opinions, Indecent Ego, or Publicity Stunt: What Happened Natalia Kills?

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“Ladies and gentleman, I’m just going to state the obvious: We have a doppelgänger in our midst. As an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you have copied my husband. From the hair to the suit, do you not have any value or respect for originality? I personally found it absolutely artistically atrocious I am embarrassed to be sitting here in your presence having to even dignify you with an answer of my opinion.”

Then, husband Willy Moon: “It just feels a bit cheap and absurd. I mean, it’s like Norman Bates dressing up in his mother’s clothing. It’s just a little bit creepy and I feel like you’re going to stitch someone’s skin to your face and then kill everyone in the audience.” 

As if that wasn’t enough, Natalia continues: “It’s disgusting. You make me sick. It’s absolutely disgusting. You have no identity. I can’t stand it. I’m ashamed to be here.”

In what felt like a surging storm of social-media reactions, up-and-coming pop star (or blacklisted?) Natalia Kills and unknown-husband Willy Moon were just exiled and banned from being judges on New Zealand’s X-Factor after an incident of bullying a candidate. When I first watched the video, part of me laughed. Then the other part of me croaked. Then, I asked myself, “Was that really necessary?” But, naturally, I wanted to just shake these two young people and talk some sense into them. (If they’re capable of listening…) Multiple New Yorkers affiliated with her took to Facebook asking why she’d do such a thing. “I’ve met her before on a fashion shoot we worked on and she was so sweet. But, what is this?”

Really, what is this?

Was it a publicity stunt? She [Natalia Kills] did just have her single “Problem” featured on the premiere of E! Network’s The Royals, the network’s highly-anticipated first scripted show (coinciding with the same night of the X-Factor episode). Also, just this last week Madonna’s latest album “Rebel Heart” premiered, to which she’s credited for writing the track “Holy Water”. (She tweeted the link to her “Problem” video following this X-Factor incident. That’s certainly self-promotion I’d say.) Publicity stunt definitely sounds reasonable and so her generation.

Could it be that people didn’t know she was a “problem”? Maybe that part of her image hadn’t been pushed hard enough. Or maybe, just maybe, people didn’t even know who she was? (I mean, come on, multiple lists have been made titled “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Natalia Kills” following the incident that feature many things her fans did indeed know about her.)

Frankie Sharp, a New York nightlife pioneer whose revamped the nightlife scene within recent years, took to Facebook: “I know her personally and I feel like her music and career isn’t where she thought it would’ve been by now. And she’s trying everything. I’ve seen her actually try everything. From putting out great singles, couple of decent videos, co writing with Madonna on Madonnas new album, filming a reality show etc and her career is still not anywhere it ‘should be’. Therefore I think she sat down with NZ X-Factor producers and they needed ratings and she needed some clicks and the paycheck was probably pretty enough for her to lose some fans but gain any kind of notoriety she could at this point. Cody is right. This isn’t real. These shows are scripted and formulaic.”

Then you have the problem of….

When you look at the success Natalia Cappuccini (Natalia Kills) has garnered amongst all her fans it’s easy to say that a vast majority of them are very young teenagers and, in this day of age where cyber-bullying and publicity antics aren’t diffident, one can easily presume a huge majority of fans will turn their backs on her. Why disrupt the peace in such an ugly, vicious and yet uncalled for way? Better yet, encourage hasty decision-making for the thrill of attention seeking amongst our already fame-obsessed youth. It’s so digressive, boring, and, frankly, embarrassing.

Let Lorde weigh in on this. Oh, and Ellie Goulding. Oh yeah, Ed Sheeran. All who were nominated for Grammys.






So, now, what I’m left with is this idea of “opinions”.  If, indeed, Natalia has these opinions….We do indeed have a problem. That problem is beyond delusional. And how many galas have you attended Natalia? Were all those men dressed like your boo boo?

I can’t even.


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