Exclusive: Inside Source from Natalia Kills X-Factor Bullying Drama Talks to BlackBook

Photo: Natalia Kills photographed by Angela Pham/BFAnyc.com

In the small chance you’ve been ears-shut to social media and the world of entertainment this past week, you might have missed the Natalia Kills X-Factor drama unfolding, as the singer and her husband Willy Moon berated a contestant on television from their judging seats on New Zealand’s X-Factor.

As Taylor Ghrist wrote when the news first broke:

In what felt like a surging storm of social-media reactions, up-and-coming pop star (or blacklisted?) Natalia Kills and unknown-husband Willy Moon were just exiled and banned from being judges on New Zealand’s X-Factor after an incident of bullying a candidate. When I first watched the video, part of me laughed. Then the other part of me croaked. Then, I asked myself, “Was that really necessary?” But, naturally, I wanted to just shake these two young people and talk some sense into them. (If they’re capable of listening…) Multiple New Yorkers affiliated with her took to Facebook asking why she’d do such a thing. “I’ve met her before on a fashion shoot we worked on and she was so sweet. But, what is this?”

Really, what is this?

What it is: a publicity stunt. According to an inside source at the production company in New Zealand (who chose to be anonymous for obvious reasons), the bullying debacle was all for show — but not thought up by Natalia Kills as many imagined. No, this one was the production company’s idea. According to our source,

“It was the TV producer’s plan, drama for ratings, and it totally backfired! So many crew people’s jobs at risk!”

Turns out the contestant was in on it, too. Here’s an image comparing his look before and after the producers got to him:


“The poor guy (Joe) was actually excited like I’m just like Willy Moon, I’m gonna be Willy Moon tonight…”

Of course it backfired when the show’s sponsors pulled out.

Natalia and Willy’s “drama for ratings” thought up by the production company backfired on the show, and it backfired on the singers, too. We have a major bullying problem; Natalia and Willy have received countless death and rape threats for her comments:

NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_1 NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_2 NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_3 NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_4 NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_5 NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_6 NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_7 NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_8

You’d think those who have a problem with bullying would know better than to retaliate with the same methods.


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