Jay Z’s Hundredth Problem: 5 Reasons Solange Probs Threw the Punch

Photo: NY Daily News 

So by now you’ve probably seen the footage of Miss Solange Knowles going all World Star Hip-Hop on American royalty Jay Z in the elevator at The Standard. ‘Twas the night of the fabulous Met Ball and the only thing on Solange’s mind was getting in one last kick at Jay before a body guard ripped her and her brand new pixie-cut away from the Hip-Hop God. All awhile big sis and Queen of  everything Beyoncé held herself with class, as always. If you haven’t been speculating all day as to why they scuffle even happened, then you’re a mess and need to sort out your priorities, but don’t worry, because we definitely have. Here are five reasons that Solange threw a little punch and kick at King Jay.

UPDATE: Solange throws another hit? Read more here.

Speculation # 1) It was all about the babies. Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci had a couple too many and had a little case of word vomit. During a convo between Bey, Solange and Tisci, he accidentally said that baby Blue Ivy was cuter than Solange’s toddler Daniel. Solange clearly didn’t take the opinion well and took out the anger on Jay instead of Riccardo, because she wanted to snag a free nightingale bag of course.

Speculation # 2) Jay surprised Beyoncé with the presidential suite at the Standard –- he wanted to set the ambience in hopes of creating Blue Ivy Volume 2. Solange got wind of this news and threw a damn fit because she didn’t want to head back to Brooklyn alone.

Speculation # 3) Solange been drinkin’… Solange been drinkin’. The Boom Boom Room atop le Standard is a place filled with booze, they wont even let you in if you’re wearing sneakers, even Lanvin ones (personal experience). Solange had way too many watermelon martinis and the ‘hood within her came out.

Speculation # 4) It was an inside job! Total Kardashian style. Solange teamed up with The Standard and the fight was a result of a press hungry hotel and media hungry celebrity younger sister. Hilary and Haley Duff syndrome.

Speculation # 5) This one is very logical and could possibly be the answer. Solange wanted to press the buttons on the elevator but Jay beat her to it.


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