Fifth Harmony Girls Are All Grown Up–Meet the Next Power Girl Group

Fifth Harmony by Justin Bridges

Girl power is alive and well! OR Whoever said solo artists are the new girl group is seriously disturbed… and has definitely never heard of Fifth Harmony!

Having gotten their start on X Factor in 2012, the five member pop posse has since gone on to open up for artists like Demi Lovato and Cher Lloyd, headline four national tours, win 12 awards, and release chart topping singles (btw, OBSESSED with “BO$$”!) with their highly anticipated debut album on the way… Not to mentioned their appearance at last night’s Teen Choice Awards… oh, and they’re nominated for a VMA later this month. We caught up the girls to talk tour essentials, man crushes, and the future of Fifth. Check it out below!

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What are your five tour essentials?

Ally: My phone AND charger (that counts as one), makeup, my passport, My stuffed animal MooseMoose, and my earbuds.

Dinah: Jewelry (my BO$$ necklace), some great headphones, hand sanitizer (we meet A LOT of people), Clean & Clear makeup remover wipes, and Polaroids of my family!

Camila: Books (it’s a fun escape from reality and it passes the time on long rides from venue to venue), my laptop, cold turkey (for emergencies only,) and headphones.

Normani: My Hello Kitty blanky (my mom never forgets to pack when I’m on the road lol,) nail glue (you never know if you’ll have a nail malfunction,) Snack Emergency Kit (chicken soup, jerky, tuna packets, candy etc.,) shower flip flops, and my rosary (my family gave it to me and it means a lot to me).

Lauren: Definitely my phone, my notebook (I love writing), my favorite boots, a camera and my Sudoku book (an essential for any travel)!

Who’s your ultimate crush?

Ally: Justin Timberlake!

Dinah: Chris Brown

Camila: Spider Man (the original)

Normani: Breezy!

Lauren: I can’t say!

What’s the secret to getting along in a girl band?

Ally: I definitely think communication is key– specifically listening (to each other). Everyone has something important to contribute and everyone deserves to be heard.

Dinah: We’re always around each other and treat each other like sisters– at the end of the day, I know I can count on any of them when I need ‘em! We support each other like a family.

Camila: Embracing and acknowledging the different assets that each person brings to the table (whether it’s during recording process or rehearsing for a new tour, etc.) is really important. Each of us has something unique that makes us a special piece of this group.

Normani: Being supportive of each other is really important. We have all sacrificed a lot and have crazy schedules and are away from our families for long periods of time, so it helps when you know that you’re not alone and that you can lean on your girls.

Lauren: We’ve been at this together for a couple of years now and I think being respectful to each other is the secret.

What’s your biggest dream for Fifth Harmony?

Ally: Winning a Grammy would be amazing!! I also would love for us to be able to enjoy the world together. As well as helping people all over the globe.

Dinah: Performing with Beyoncé would be crazy! OR collaborating with Beyoncé!

Camila: I still can’t even believe we’re nominated for a VMA, but winning would really be a dream. I’d love to travel and perform overseas more too.

Normani: I feel like it would be amazing to perform at the President’s house one day! I have always dreamed of making that happen and also getting to collaborate with my ultimate favorite artist Beyoncé!

Lauren: Our fans are really amazing and I’d love to get to travel to Europe and perform over there. Also, collaborating with some of our favorite artists would be pretty awesome.

Something in your purse that no one would expect you to have?

Ally: My reading glasses

Dinah: I keep bras in my purse!

Camila: I carry around pink Crocs in my purse (because I’m clearly fashionable).

Normani: I carry my prom picture around in my backpack everywhere I go.

Lauren: I used to carry around vinyl records (from fans)!

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Photography: Justin Bridges
Hair and makeup: Ashley Rebecca
Special thanks to the Dream Hotel Downtown

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