A Night Out with ASTR

ASTR on stage by Rebekah Campbell

“Got the club blowing up on Tuesday, got your girl in the cut and she choosy,” is the hook of iLoveMakonnen and Drake’s popular track right now, and I’m not really focused on Drake here but the lyrics apply when it comes to my night out last Tuesday with NY music duo ASTR. It started way too early that morning when my friend, photographer Rebekah Campbell, and I made our way to the 10 a.m. Timo Weiland show at Milk Studios. Zoe from ASTR would be sitting front-row and we tagged along.

1Zoe front row at Timo Weiland

2“Zoe you look too ‘music’, remember this is fashion!”

3“Omg Zo we r gonna b so thin after all this juicin”

I had been at fashion week parties most of the week but I had forgotten that people actually woke up mad early to drink free green juice from The Smile and watch the shows. “My current look is the Easter bonnet — tonight will be the turn-up dress,” Zoe joked as we waited for the show. Adam, the other half of ASTR, would be meeting up with us later at Westway to sound check for the Timo afterparty.

There was a beautiful lady also at the show who somehow at 10 a.m. was doing dark eye make-up and a floor length gold gown with jewelry. She looked more like an Oscar than a human existing at 10 a.m. More power to her we all agreed, “But, you know, try less,” Zoe joked. The try less motto was a concept both Adam and Zoe agreed about throughout the day. At one point in the car they shared a story about playing a show in a Texas department store, “Try Less!”

When the show was over we parted ways to nap and reconvene at 5:30 for sound check at Westway. Seeing clubs like that in the off hours is always weird. The magic is gone because you see the imperfections that all the crazy lighting hides. It was kind of dreary until the two started playing. I had never seen them perform before so this was my first sampling. Even without all of the lights and the turn-up dress it was cool and their music makes you want to dance even if you are in an empty club with all the lights up.

As soon as they were all set we rushed over to Prabal Gurung’s ICB show, another front-row seat for Zoe. We convinced Adam to join and made it over just in time.

4Adam and Zoe front-row at ICB

After snapping that photo Adam was told he couldn’t sit there. Despite being half of ASTR, the reason they are there, the interest is in Zoe because of the fashion aspect. This was kind of a theme in how the party and fashion people acted towards Adam unless told otherwise throughout the night. Adam really didn’t seem to mind. His main focus is his music he told me, and Zoe felt the same way when I talked to her. Fashion week is a lot of fun, it’s good to support these designers, and it’s good for press, but it isn’t super important to them. They talked a lot about getting back into the studio.

After the show we made our way over to Le Bain to meet their friend and fellow musician Wynter Gordon.

5Adam and Zoe playing in the light-up FriendsWithYou elephant that has been outside The Standard

6So Kleen

The party there was for a fashion blog called The Blonde Salad. None of us really knew what it was for but we were starved and they had tiny lobster rolls. At one point I spotted Miley’s mom, Tish Cyrus.

8Adam, Wynter, and Zoe in the stairwell of Le Bain

Wynter and Zoe inside of a toaster

Wynter, angry girl, and Adam

At this point the tiny lobster rolls were not enough and we needed to get fed before the Timo party. Wynter and Zoe headed to a NY Mag party for a second and we grabbed Vietnamese before Wynter picked us up and had her car bring us all down to Westway. Zoe did her vocal warm-ups on the go. We were mobbin’ deep, the team looked good, and we were ready for the game.

When we arrived Zoe changed into the third look of the day, the aforementioned turn-up dress — a cool, porous, knit dress—and the holes ended up being a prop in the onstage dancing. The performance was thrilling and had the audience going owfff. New fans approached them afterwards asking for photos, but also what their names were. They win people over quickly.

ASTR onstage at Westway

ASTR reaches for da starz

After the performance we hung out in a VIP room taking photos and talking *industry jargon* like, you know, Instagram. We had a long docket of potential parties we should hit after. There was Paper, Interview, Galore, Electric Room, AnOther, etc. We opted to check out AnOther but with chaos at the door we just sent Wynter and Zoe up to get a photo. When we got back to Wynter’s car we debated what would be best and decided to just rage quit and head back to Zoe’s apartment to hang. The next night Zoe texted me to ask if I’d be at the Jeremy Scott party– I had been planning on it, but after Tuesday, I just slept for about a week.

All photos by Rebekah Campbell




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