Listen + Watch: MARINA Refuses to Live in a ‘Man’s World’

As we’ve so painfully been reminded once again, men continue to fuck up everything, and as usual, it has cost hundreds of thousands of lives. One need only look at New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden’s steady, humanistic leadership during the coronavirus crisis, versus the callous ineptitude of the likes of Boris Johnson and that sociopath still occupying the White House.

One person who has definitely had enough of it is Welsh songstress Marina Lambrini Diamandis, better known to the world as simply MARINA. She’s been without her Diamonds for a few years now, cultivating a skyrocketing solo career. But with her latest single ‘Man’s World,’ she is taking a moment to deal decisively with the aforementioned gender situation, in the hopes of inspiring the better sex to rise up and start taking control…before it’s too late.

“I’m creating my next project,” she explains, “and this story can only be told by women.”

And so she gathered up a small army of impossibly talented females, to bring this poignant, thought-provoking song—and its gorgeously realized accompanying video—to life.

Indeed, the single was produced by MARINA and GRAMMY® nominee Jennifer Decilveo (Bat For Lashes, Demi Lovato), and engineered by GRAMMY® winner Emily Lazar (Sia, Clairo, Haim). The video shoot was helmed most notably by filmmakers/photographers Alexandra Gavillet and Coughs.

The impassioned plea of a track finds her snarling, “Burnt me at the stake, you thought I was a witch / Centuries ago, now you just call me a bitch”—before reminding that “Mother Nature’s dying,” and, of course, that men are mostly responsible.

The video, ethereally filmed in Simi Valley, California, assembles a fierce coterie of women, who radiate strength and determination throughout. It’s just the sort of inspiration we need right now, as we watch the parade of idiots trying to illegally overturn the unquestionably legitimate 2020 presidential election.

But it doesn’t end with this—expect a series of ‘Man’s World’ remixes to follow, by the (female) likes of MUNA and Empress Of.


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