Interview: Rainsford Gets Massive in Her New Video for ‘Oh My God’

With just two EPs and a bevy of singles to her name since her 2015 debut, Rainsford (who as actress Rainey Qualley has also had roles in Mad Men, Ocean’s 8, and most recently Love in the Time of Corona) has employed a fairly methodical strategy regarding her music career. But in her latest video for “Oh My God” she gives a truly tour de force performance, which has “breakout” written all over it. The track itself is a smooth hybrid pop/R&B anthem, sure to satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths, with sensual and sugary vocals overlaying a velvety beat.

In the video she appears as a giant in the sky, with miniature (or normal size?) people interacting all around her. Of those tiny characters, a shrunken Luka Sabbat appears in the palm of her hand and hops around on her lips before being devoured by the goddess-like Rainsford.

Images by Dana Boulos

It’s cleverly directed by Dana Boulos, who’s made a name for herself crafting surreal visuals for renowned fashion brands and publications, and collabing with the cool kids like Lily Rose Depp and Nick Zinner.

It’s a sonic diversion from some of her previous compositions, taking on a lighter tone than, say, “Crying In The Mirror,” which video was directed by Cara Delevingne and starred Kaia Gerber. She’s got some pretty fab friends, obviously, who she has made it a consistent prerogative to collaborate with.

We caught up with her for an exclusive BlackBook chat on the heels of her latest drop. 

How have you been during quarantine?

I’ve been really well! I’m fostering kittens at the moment, which makes me very happy. I’m so grateful for the friends I have in Los Angeles. And of course, I’m very excited to be releasing new music.

You come from an acting family. Was there a moment when you knew music was definitely an avenue you wanted to explore?

I started dancing at really young. And, as you mentioned, I grew up in a household that fostered creativity. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to sing. I don’t recall a specific moment per se that cemented my passion for music, but I kind of secretly knew it was something I was good at from a very young age.

You’ve said before that your earlier work isn’t representative of your style, because you were still finding your voice. Would you say that you’ve found it now?

I think so! I love the music I’ve released. I love the producers I collaborate with. And hopefully I’ll continue to grow and evolve. 

What do you find most challenging about creating music?

I write so many songs, so I find it very difficult to decide which to release next. And trying to pick which songs I think are best, and trying to have an objective opinion is difficult too. I have hundreds written and recorded that no one will ever hear.  

So what do you do about it?

I just annoy my friends and send them a shit ton of songs, and try to get their opinions.

Image by Dana Boulos

Where do you usually find your songwriting inspiration?

My songs are very autobiographical. I usually write about whatever I’m actually going through in the moment. Relationships, depression, or enthusiasm about some new thing—writing is very therapeutic for me.

Tell us the story behind “Oh My God.” 

It’s a bit unusual for me because I really wanted to write something fun and silly. I wrote it with one of my best friends, Nick Dungo. You can actually hear me laughing at the top of the track. With everything that is going on in the world at the moment, I wanted to put out a little bit of lightness and happy energy. 

You’ve creatively collaborated with pals Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevingne. What do you like about working with your friends?

My friends are the people I enjoy spending my time with the most. I trust them and love them, and it feels so good to be creative together and lift each other up.  

What’s something that your fans don’t know about you?

I’m actually a frog.

If you could collaborate with anybody in the world, who would it be?

Kate Bush. 

If your sound and style was a drink, it would be?…

Hmm…. I really love spicy margaritas, so I’ll say that. I don’t know if that’s really an accurate representation.  Honestly I probably should have said dark and stormy…’cause Rainey…but I went with my first instinct.

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